Oil drum storage

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Firewood bin. An old oil drum I cut down and repainted with flammable design.

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Recycled oil drums into garden furniture

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Intricate recycled oil drum furniture is cut to look like lace : TreeHugger

Intricate recycled oil drum furniture is cut to look like lace


Vaho have come up with a good solution. Converted into lounge chairs, the Silla Bidon Oil Drum Chair features upholstered leather seats and retains some remnants of its old life as a barrel. The unique seat makes an interesting conversation piece whether in your workshop or living room.

Silla Bidon Oil Drum Chair | Cool Material


oil drum chair that kicks ass...

Oil drum chair / Vintage chairs from Andy Thornton


DIY Pallet and Cable Drum Benches | 99 Pallets

DIY Pallet and Cable Drum Benches | 99 Pallets



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Cable drum rocking chair on Etsy, £200.00

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80 Pieces of Upcycled Furniture - From Upcycled Wooden Mobile Chairs to Industrial Pipe Bookshelves (TOPLIST)

80 Pieces of Upcycled Furniture


This has to be the cutest chicken coops, EVER! Upcycle wooden spools into backyard chicken cages! Anyone have any of these? AKB

Got empty wire spools? Here's an idea!


Recycled Metal Goliath Heron | Handmade from recycled oil drums in Zimbabwe

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Cable reel repurposed into a book holder! :)

create forever more by debbi weiss


Upcycled dryer drum. Great weekend project.

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A cozy, functional, recycled work of art. This bench is made of an upcycled 55 gallon drum lined with recycled bike tubes. The seat and base are fabricated from recycled wood from a deck, the drink holder is made from bike chain rings balanced by a bike pedal. ($760, includes shipping)

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Upcycle Us, 50 gallon drums turned into garden seating!

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Barrel Drum upcycled into furniture.

barrel armchair


Upcycled washing machine drums

Washing Machine Drums Turned Lamps


Outdoor bench made from upcycled oil drum (from student competition at London Architecture Festival 2012). I'd love to try this! How about making the slats removable, then it could double as a barbeque grill?

Oil Drum Upcycled Into Outdoor Public Bench - Urban Gardens


Old washing machine drum upcycled into seating in Lebanon

Lebanon Green Designers Transform Washing Machines Into Beautiful Seats | Green Prophet


recycled washing machine drum

recycled washer - yahoo Image Search Results


Chairs made ​​from recycled oil drum

Reciclagem | Cacareco - Part 12


Recycled washing machine drum

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Po! Paris chic chair made in Albania from recycled oil drums

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These are crafted from discarded tomato paste drums and painted a rich orange.

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