Mexicolore’s (revised) Aztec Calendar Daysigns info sheet

The set of day signs used in central Mexico is identical to that used by Mixtecs, and to a lesser degree similar to those of other Mesoamerican calendars. Each of the day signs also bears an association with one of the four cardinal directions

She has many good ideas for Art Projects for elementary through middle school.

LE learned how to make a mosaic out of cut paper. The theme was dolphins. As part of UE's Mesoamerican study, students made Aztec masks us.

Aztec art lessons

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Quipus are books from the ancient Inca empire in Peru. But these books are so special, they are not made on paper, or leather, or parchment, they are not even carved on stone. These books are made of colorful yarn strings attached to a main cord, and instead of letters or numbers, they used knots! Lets learn how they were done.

Quipu, Incan system for keeping records. We made our own system, certain knots meaning certain things.

Make Aztec Art with direction for 2 projects from clay

Exploring AZTEC Clay Art for Kids - such a fun kids activities that will explore art in a historical setting. Great for kids of all ages.

Free 12-page Printable Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Aztecs!

This free Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Knights and Castles will help you teach kids all about the picturesque lives of nobles, knights, and royalty, and explore daily life in the castles that that knights called home and worked so hard to defend.