My Motivation Marbles: 1 marble for each pound I need to lose...and a big pink jewel in the bottom for the day I hit my goal weight. :-) Great idea!

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Low-Impact Workouts with Big Calorie Burn These 8 fun workouts are tough on flab but oh-so-easy on you!

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Wear High Heels? Do a lot of running? Or if your on your feet all day like me...Do these stretches. Save your feet!

PROTEIN! Don’t get in a snack time rut. Here are 31 tasty and inventive high-protein snacks — one for every day of the month!

The ABCs of Sexy Shoulders •Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball with right hand against a wall at arm's length. •Keeping hips and shoulders square to the wall, outline the letters of the alphabet by tracing the ball against the wall. •Aim to get to z; if you have to stop at p, shoot for q next time. •Repeat with left arm.

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