Come on, you know it's true

Funny pictures about My problem with showers. Oh, and cool pics about My problem with showers. Also, My problem with showers.

So my life!

story of my life.and moms. But seriously I think I am the only one who changes to toilet paper.

So me!

I have four voicemails. You’re better off sending snail mail than getting me to listen to a voicemail in a timely fashion.

Ha ha so true. Now where do I buy a human sized hamster ball?

Guide To Understanding The Introverted…

Funny pictures about How to interact with the introverted. Oh, and cool pics about How to interact with the introverted. Also, How to interact with the introverted.

Yep, that's me!

I am more of a basketball hockey ( any kind of hockey ) volleyball ball and soccer I need GO GO GO sports football is just a lot of stop and go and stop and go

I can LOVE you and still not contact you

I can LOVE you and still not contact you. The problem with feeling like you annoy everyone

I've felt this way lately...

if by “happy” you mean trapped with no means of escape…? then yes, I’m happy - Anne Taintor products!

In my head my kitchen looks like this.

Weekend Outing: Historical Kitchen Tour

Retro red and chrome kitchen table, white subway tile, blue walls, white cabinets/trim.

Karmin, my new fave band. Addicting music.

KARMIN HELLO 2012 release from the viral duo. Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are an unparalleled mix of talent an credibi.

Its scary how old demons never completely stay gone. It's talking to me but I won't let it win.

Even tho I don't have scars from cutting I still fight with my own feelings

Christopher Lee. One of my favorite actors.

Sir Christopher Lee - a great source of inspiration. I love the Hammer movies, as well as his latest roles in the LOTR or Star Wars. Really a great and stylish actor

Someday this will be DH and I. And when I die he will be just as grumpy.

"I want someone to love me like Carl loved Ellie." Well, I have someone who loves me like Carl loved Ellie, that's why I think this is so fantastic.