Two of my favorite things.Comedy and music. Steve Martin with his banjo (surprisingly, he's actually really good! Is it bad that I have an entire banjo song written out.yet I own no banjo?

Prince is larger than life. A multi-award winning superlative musician. With really soft hands.

Prince Rogers Nelson is larger than life. A multi award winning superlative musician. He's written so much material there should be 50 albums out there.

This is actually one of my favorite pictures of David Bowie. I love his mouth

The Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita who did the “Heroes” cover also shot so many alternative portraits from that session. It’s a sad occasion to be able to share all these great Bowie portraits but we’ll march on because we have to.

Queen -fucking fAVE. I'll honestly never bore of this photo.

You can't say enough about musicians who studied classical music and turned it into cool. And We Will Rock You! You can't have a Rock Bands of the with out Queen!

Cher by Richard Avedon, Vogue, November 1969 - Album on Imgur

Cher by Richard Avedon, Vogue, November 1969