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The diagonal composition is a little different. The highlights on her face really stand out and give her skin a soft complexion

What is melanin Melanin (carbon) is associated with the pigment that causes the skin to be the color that it is (brown, black, yellow, white, and red). Melanin exists as the chemical key to life:


Art that we think is Pretty Tough. Photographs shot through glass could use the reflections in the glass to obscure faces

There are like 10 things to love about this one. Nifty perspective. Big eyes. Natural light. Lots of depth of field (blurring). I could go on and on...

Great colors and definitely an "eye-catching" angle. Self-portraits should tell a story, and I think I see something started with that apple. Link goes to Example of Eye Catching Self Portrait Photography.

Zhang Jingnas 14 Steps to Improve Your Photography! Stay true to yourself

ELLE Russia, September 2014 Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion Hair: Linh Nguyen @ Kate Ryan Inc Makeup: Beau Nelson @ The Wall Group Model: Anya Kazakova @ Wilhelmina Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu,.

"I have always been invisible and always will be." Torryn sighed.

Natural light- daylight photography involving shadow to add more depth and subject matter to a portrait without directly adding an object into the photo.