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Failed Drug War & Unequal Justice

This hasn't worked for decades. It's cost trillions of dollars that could have been used for so much. It has resulted in mass incarceration and disrupted lives. It's been terrorism against the people. It hasn't changed. But something had better. The people demand it.
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Indiana American Legion Calls on Congress to Reschedule Cannabis | Marijuana

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Can we finally put to rest the canard that marijuana has no medical value? And will someone tell Congress and the DEA?

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Scientifically Speaking, This Drug's on the Wrong List

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A Tiny Dose of This Drug Made Her Happier and Better at Her Job

Instead of an “acid trip,” she took an “acid errand.”

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A Harm Reduction Expert Explains What Fabric's New Drug Policies Could Mean for the Safety of Clubgoers

UK drug charity Release talked to THUMP about the potential impact of fabric’s strict new rules.

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Next Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears ready, willing and able to plunge into a new federal war on marijuana. Asset forfeiture will very likely be one of the top law enforcement official’s key weapons in his forthcoming assault on state-legal, federally-illegal marijuana, its consumers, and its burgeoning businesses. Sessions’ views …

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Dear President Trump: Here’s How to get Right on Crime, Part 3 | The Marshall Project