Greg Fleischaker

Greg Fleischaker
Austin, TX / Jack Of Many Trades, Master Of None… but pretty darn good at a few, enjoy cooking, health, podcasts, writing, Wordpress, my kids, my wife and glassblowing.
Greg Fleischaker
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Pozole Rojo Soup Recipe made with pork shoulder, chicken stock and garnished with avocado, radishes and shredded cabbage

use this pozole rojo soup recipe to make your own at home with pork shoulder, chicken stock and hominy, much easier than you may think.

cast iron skillet pizza, made with an EInkorn Flour crust -

one of my favorite ways to make pizza at my house is my cast iron skillet pizza variation, usually with Einkorn flour pizza crust to avoid modern wheat.

Einkorn Wheat Flour Pancakes - just as easy as pancakes with modern flour, but with less gluten and better for you!

Using Einkorn flour allows me to still enjoy healthy buttermilk pancakes while reducing my consumption of white flour.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad - so easy, a great way to get an extra serving or two of veggies in, plus olive oil!

Need how to learn to throw together a quick and easy apple cider vinegar dressing?

pan seared salmon fillet

Curious to know how to cook pan seared salmon fillets on the stove that gives you a nicely browned crust with sweet and tender flesh?

Oven baked pulled pork shoulder, so easy, it almost cooks itself, a favorite in my house!

interested in learning how to cook pork shoulder in the oven but aren't sure how long it needs to cook?

Homemade meatloaf made from French Country Pate, served with mashed cauliflower -

Find all of our favorite Thoughtful Cooking recipes in one place, all broken down by type of food as well as preparation time.

Easy Salsa Verde Recipe, great with grilled steak, or just about anything!  Even easier if you have a Vitamix!

looking for a quick and easy salsa verde recipe that you can whip up before dinner? It's even easier if you have a Vitamix or other blender, check it out.

Coconut Oil Fried Chicken

Looking for a delicious coconut oil fried chicken recipe, so you can skip those nasty poly-unsaturated fats, but still enjoy crunchy awesome fried chicken?

Greg's matzo ball recipe - courtesy of his grandmother, kind of...

Greg's matzo ball recipe - courtesy of his grandmother, kind of.