Recommended Mother-Son Dance Songs

I've found that the Mother-Son Dance song is one of the hardest special songs to select. Here are 20 candidates for a Mother-Son Dance with links to the accompanying videos!

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Recommended Mother-Son Dance Songs

Recommended Mother-Son Dance Songs

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"Mama" by LunchMoney Lewis. This song is reserved for only the most fun and funky mamas! Lots of fun and has been used out in the field for real.

LunchMoney Lewis - Mama (Audio)

"Mom" - Garth Brooks. Off his just released 2015 album 'Man Against Machine' - a very interesting perspective of a baby talking to God before he/she is born to be entrusted to the most loving "Mom" - a real tear jerker!

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  • Lynn Douglass
    Lynn Douglass

    Oh heck no! I'll be sobbing beyond control!

  • Christine Remines
    Christine Remines


  • Cristin Marshall
    Cristin Marshall

    Beautiful new mom, mother son song!

  • Tammy Harris Willard
    Tammy Harris Willard

    Look that

  • Paula Mahoney
    Paula Mahoney


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"There You'll Be" - Faith Hill. From the Pearl Harbor soundtrack - while by no means composed for a Mother-Son dance, the lyrics work well and the song is very beautiful. Could also be used for Father-Daughter dance.

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  • Catherine Maldonado-Diaz
    Catherine Maldonado-Diaz

    love this song

  • Tiffany 'Reiter' Stinnett
    Tiffany 'Reiter' Stinnett

    Had this as my father daughter dance

  • Kathy McLaughlin
    Kathy McLaughlin

    Omgggggg. . Love this

  • Kenny Goldstein
    Kenny Goldstein

    I remember how popular this song was when 'Titanic' came out. And it still holds up today.

Interview with Wedding Music Singer-Songwriter Anthony Carter from T. Carter Music | NJ DJ #weddingmusic #TCarterMusic #MotherSon #MotherSonDance

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"93 Million Miles" - Jason Mraz. A reference to a mother's message to her son and invitation to come home equals an interesting modern candidate for a modern Mother-Son dance.

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  • Celeste Kegel
    Celeste Kegel

    Love it! Hoping to dance to it with my son on his wedding day.

  • Rhonda Marcinowski
    Rhonda Marcinowski


  • Aideen Wilson
    Aideen Wilson

    love it - now for the dance moves

  • Ambient DJ Service
    Ambient DJ Service

    @Tonya Walker - thank you for the comment and opinion. This song wasn't specifically written for a wedding so that "slippery slope" lyric could be interpreted in many ways, and I can respect your interpretation.

  • Janet Reeves
    Janet Reeves

    I didn't know what to dance to with my son until I heard this!!! My son got married this past weekend and this was our song. Beautiful, excellent choice!!!

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"I Wish You Love" - Luke Higgins. Beautiful song - used by Patrick and his mother Patricia on 5/25/14 in Princeton NJ. Features endearing lyrics about having to let somebody go - but wishing them safety, warmth and love. I recommend the slow version of this song (as featured in this YouTube video).

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  • Neda Payne
    Neda Payne

    I requested Dance by Lee and Womack for my dance with my son to convey to him to always embrace life but never ever compromise your values, never fear life, embrace it, always keep God in your life...and when you get the chance to sit it out or dance...I hope you dance... It was beautiful. By the time it was over we were both in tears.

  • Dana Jaeger-Lund
    Dana Jaeger-Lund

    Gorgeous song.Perfect for my sons wedding

  • Jan Watson
    Jan Watson

    Wow... beautiful song!

  • Nancy DeConcini
    Nancy DeConcini

    I remember this song so well. I LOVE IT. THANK YOU!! A mom and son song, not sure. GREAT GREAT VERSION OF THIS CLASSIC

  • Dana Jaeger-Lund
    Dana Jaeger-Lund

    Yes I thought this is very appropiate.

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"Letter to my Mother" - Edwin McCain. Beautiful melody! This is a unique song that shows love for both the man's natural mother (who gave him up for adoption) and for the mother who raised him. Listen carefully to the lyrics to make sure that it is appropriate for your Mother-Son dance.

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  • Derek Santopietro
    Derek Santopietro

    I will love you for all eternity

  • Maria Hay
    Maria Hay

    what a beautiful song.

"A Mother's Song"- T. Carter Music. A perfect new mother/son wedding dance song about growing up, the meaning of true love and making Mom proud. For additional special wedding songs from this independent artist, visit

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  • rhonda fauci
    rhonda fauci


  • Sharon Carmichael
    Sharon Carmichael


  • Gwen Lefor
    Gwen Lefor

    Love it

  • Gwen Lefor
    Gwen Lefor

    Love it

  • Linda Hammock
    Linda Hammock

    This is my favorite mother song dance song so far!

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"You'll Be in My Heart" - Phil Collins. This song reflects the sentiment that family can drift apart through time and distance, but that special person will always be in your heart!

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  • Kelly Hannon
    Kelly Hannon

    Awwwwww Antoinette Niland - you're in my heart!!!

  • Tamara Hicke
    Tamara Hicke

    love this song:)

  • eLIZabeth Willeman Boggs
    eLIZabeth Willeman Boggs

    This was my son, AJ, and mine's song at the wedding reception.....perfect fit...made me cry...happy tears of course.

  • Ivonne De Leon
    Ivonne De Leon

    Mami, so loved and always in my heart! I miss you so much!

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Wedding Music Master Class 2013 | NJ DJ

"Happy Everafter In Your Eyes" by Ben Harper. Used by Loren & Troy, 3/29/13. Could also be used for Father-Daughter Dance or First Dance for Bride and Groom. This song is about the divine feeling of love.

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  • Jamie Hartman
    Jamie Hartman

    I want to have this song for my 9 year old son to dance w me at my wedding!! Makes me cry every time!!

"The Answer Lies Within" by Dream Theater. Used by Marge & Nick, 10/27/12. Words of advice from a mother to a son.

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  • Mary Torre
    Mary Torre

    Good idea

Bette Midler - Baby Mine (HQ Music Video). Reflects the sentiments of a mother loving and protecting her son. Used by 9-21-12 by groom Ken.

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  • Ellen Riley
    Ellen Riley

    How can I hear it?

"The Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell. A beautiful folk song about time, the seasons, and growing up.

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"On This Day" (Original Song) sung by Christian Barnes. This unique song combines perspective from Mother to Son, and Son to Mother. It concludes with these lyrics "On this wedding day, I just want to stop and thank you, I just want to say, I love... you... Mom." Emotionally powerful! This song is only available by download from the artist's website ($5.99) but is well worth the price!

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  • Ambient DJ Service
    Ambient DJ Service

    @Dawn Elder-Foote This is a CD that you must purchase directly from the artist. It's $5.99 very wells spent!

  • Nadine Spencer-Jones
    Nadine Spencer-Jones

    OMG!!!! This is soooo beautiful!

  • Donnaree Hamil
    Donnaree Hamil


  • Joann Hyde
    Joann Hyde

    I love this song

  • Lucy Morgano
    Lucy Morgano


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MÃE QUERIDA (Portuguese) - Used by a Portuguese groom for his dance with Mom.

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"What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

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  • Valerie Crisler
    Valerie Crisler

    Wonderful Indeed!

  • Lois Murphy
    Lois Murphy

    Doesn't get much better than this.

  • Susan Ostrowsky
    Susan Ostrowsky


"Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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  • Marianna Browning
    Marianna Browning

    Great for Tim and his mom !

  • Ashley Dunkle
    Ashley Dunkle

    love it.

  • Heather Nicholson
    Heather Nicholson

    I love You.

"Can't Smile Without You" by Barry Manilow

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"Forever Young" by Alphaville

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  • Stephanie Margaret
    Stephanie Margaret

    are you watching me? Thats freaky!

"Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers

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"I Hope You Dance" by LeAnn Womack

Don't Ever Lose Your Sense Of Wonder
  • Laura Kramer
    Laura Kramer

    Sam, I hope you have a great time at the Prom tonight this is"My Wish for you! I am so proud of you!

  • Renee Comeau
    Renee Comeau

    That's my girl

  • Paulette McGreevey
    Paulette McGreevey

    I hope you dance by Lee Womack

  • Marie Brewer~ "Ms. M"
    Marie Brewer~ "Ms. M"

    Love this song!!

"My Wish" by Rascal Flatts

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  • Cynthia Grimm
    Cynthia Grimm

    The words are just right, and I love the melody and Rascal Flatts in general!

  • Lori


  • Emily Busby
    Emily Busby

    This may be the one! Love the words, lively...not too sappy!

  • Debra Maiorino
    Debra Maiorino

    My son and I danced to this perfect! Still brings tears

  • rosemary reinis
    rosemary reinis

    keep going back to this song!!!

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All To You (With Lyrics) by DJ Keo (Scott Keo)

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  • Amalia Ruiz
    Amalia Ruiz

    Nice song for mother from son

  • Kathy Beech
    Kathy Beech

    Absolutely beautiful song. Heard it for the very first time last night at a family wedding while my own son was sitting mere feet away. When I looked was he :) Thank you for such a wonderful song!

  • Kathy Sue Johnson
    Kathy Sue Johnson

    I absolutely love this fitting, touched my heart and brought lots of tears!

  • Leslie Cregar
    Leslie Cregar

    I love this song...

  • Kathy Cunningham
    Kathy Cunningham

    Perfect song~~~

"Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

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  • Amy Hofacker
    Amy Hofacker

    Such a beautiful song!