Ilya Ibryaev #watercolor jd

Ilya Ibryaev Beautiful effect of light simplicity. Try this to try not to "overwork" your paintings. - ELECTRICITY - Light Painting Effects


wow, the birds, the sky.clouds seem to be funneling something scary into - or out of - this abandoned house.

hinke schreuders

colours and technique Hella van 't Hof + hinke schreuders Flore Gardner, Rain + gentlework Lindisfarne Sunset by Laura Edgar sue stone .

michelle brea. slightly sorry

Just stumbled upon Michelle Brea and im loving a lot of her stuff.//Slightly Sorry, Michelle Brea

Street Art

aneleh: “Photographer: Eric Drigny We remain exceptionally good at building tools and machines. And that includes machines that do what we do. Machines that dig, sow, and reap. Machines that kill and machines that prolong life.

Katia Chauseva

Katia Chausheva ❝ In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.