Great Sprinter RVs/ Sprinter Camper Vans

Fantastic Sprinter RV and Sprinter camper van designs, from DIY designs to high-end Sprinter-based motorhomes. See more on my Sprinter RV blog (

Great Sprinter RVs/ Sprinter Camper Vans

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Frank and Christa Boettger have spent more than 40 years traveling the world in various camper vans, most lately in their Sprinter motorhome, a 4x4 Iglhaut Allrad. Frank has written 4 books (in German) about their travels, see www.cfb-in-motion....

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    I tried an email to them and no reply...

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    I've tried as well, will let you know if I hear back!

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    Do you speak German I don't. I am wondering if they have travel logs in English. Thanks!

Bocklet Professional 730 cube-body Sprinter RV, built on an Iglhaut Allrad Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 chassis. The good doctor Peter traveled all over the world with his sturdy rig.


Somewhere on the west coast of Oregon - a 2005 Airstream Sprinter Westfalia camper van (one of only 250 imported into North America) at sunrise.

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Surfing Sprinter near Cannon Beach, Oregon - T1N high-roof 118" wheelbase Sprinter camper van with dual sliding doors, camper windows, all-terrain tires and custom wheels. Cool!

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Custom Sprinter RV using cube body built by TriVan of Ferndale, Washington for an Alaskan couple (photo by Ben Bender). I wrote about this unique Sprinter camper on the Sprinter RV blog: www.sprinter-rv.c...

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Unique double-cab Mercedes Sprinter camper, with fiberglass expedition-style camper shell. From the German Sprinter Forum.

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    Greg Keith is a bull shitter never received my source book paid $37 and when I tried calling customer service the link does NOT work!

Here's a diagram of the RV solar system I designed for my DIY Sprinter camper van. Check out my RV Solar Systems page for more details on this 320-watt system with 400 amp-hours of storage. Clean, quiet solar power for boondockers!

RV Solar Systems - Sprinter RV
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    Classic Consoles


Achleitner Mantra, a 4x4 camper van based on a Mercedes Sprinter, in the Albanian mountains.

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The 2014 Mercedes Sprinter was the basis of many of the RVs shown at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon 2013, including Mercedes own cutaway Sprinter camper example.

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Scissor-style electric front bed in the Wingamm Oasi Gran Cru, an Italian motorhome built on a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI chassis. This new model debuted at the 2013 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon.

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New 2014 Renegade Villagio, first model year for this Mercedes Sprinter "B+" motorhome built on a Sprinter 3500 chassis by Renegade of Bristol, Indiana.

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    My goal a small motor home and see whats over the next hill with my husband.

Tree and Stevie (and new baby Soleil!) Trujillo are the SprinterLife team, on the road in South America. Here their Sprinter basks in a fiery sunset in the Sajama Desert in Bolivia (from

Somos Sprinter Life…Sin Pavimento!

4x4 Mercedes Sprinter driven by Sabrina Mayer and Larissa Lauber, Team 318 for Mercedes in the 2013 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco (photo from Mercedes Fans).

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Beth & Forrest Bault built their DIY Sprinter camper from a 2006 Sprinter 140" cargo van. Like several other budget DIY camper vans in my DIY Sprinter Gallery (www.sprinter-rv.c...), it's proof that you can build a clean and functional camper van for a fraction of the price a converter will charge you.

Three Adventurers Now Call a Sprinter Home - Sprinter RV

Beautiful shot of Tom Tasso's 2006 (T1N) Sprinter 4x4 conversion. This van was a prototype project done by Portland's Sprinter Store in conjunction with the South African company Sportsvans. Mercedes decided they would eventually import their own factory 4x4 Sprinters into the US, so dropped their support. However, the Sprinter Store (www.sprinterstore...) has now engineered their own NCV3 Sprinter 4x4 conversion.

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    Thomas Loeslein Jr.


A Britz Sprinter campervan at an antique gas pump in the Australian outback, near Uluru.

Ein Leben aus dem Rucksack: Juni 2011

This used 2006 Sprinter RV, a Winnebago View, is a great example of how buying a used Sprinter motorhome can save you a lot of money. In my Sprinter RV blog post "How to Buy a Used Sprinter RV" (linked from the picture), I give examples of some Sprinter-specific things to look out for when evaluating a used Sprinter RV conversion.

How to Buy a Used Sprinter RV - Sprinter RV

The 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide has 200 pages of photos, specs and reviews of 38 of the most popular North American Sprinter RVs, including class A, B and C models.

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Exterior of a CS Rondo Sprinter campervan. The roof has two Heki hatches, two solar panels, the sides are fitted with flares (like those now available from FlareSpace). Top rear window is for the high bed.

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    looks great where can I get one?

Lots of storage in a CS Rondo Sprinter campervan. The Seitz windows provide dual-pane comfort, less heat loss and integrated blinds.

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Interior of the new SafariCondo Sprinter XL Plus camper (, Quebec). This model is one of the new 2013 Sprinter RV models profiled in my 2013 Sprinter RV Buyer's Guide (


A German Mercedes Sprinter camper, the CS Duo. Note the clever flip-down outside table built into the back of the galley cabinetry.

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The Whitefeather 4x4 Conversions shop in Red Bluff, CA. Yes, it's a travesty that a factory 4x4 Sprinter isn't available in North America, but Whitefeather and the Sprinter Store do offer aftermarket Sprinter 4x4 conversions.

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Sunshine Motorhomes (Australia) makes custom Sprinter camper conversions complete with a coach-style motorhome door (also available from DIY RV, - love to have that option for Sprinter custom conversions in North America.

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Combine a guy with a flair for renovating old Victorian houses and a used Sprinter van, and you get...the Houselove DIY Sprinter conversion, a A 118" Sprinter camper (from the Sprinter RV blog).

From Houselove to SprinterLove - Sprinter RV