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Villa Escarpa by Mario Martins

Santiago Calatrava's Peace Bridge ( Calgary, Canada )


ETERNITY HOUSE ryanpanos: Dutch architect to...

Modern Waterfront

Broadcasting Tower, Leeds, England

Eco-Bridge by Taranta Creations

TREEHOUSE Lovely design can make the comforts of home feel one with nature as in this design. via ArchDaily

ULTRA CLEAN A house like this would force me to live spotless.

TORI TORI Tori Tori is an amazing restaurant design by Michel Rojkind via creative-every-day

CALIFORNIA ROLL Now this is a home! A beautiful design by Christopher Daniel via unknownskywalker

FRANK LOYD WRIGHT The famous Fallingwater or Kaufmann residence is one of my favorite pieces of architecture by Franks Lloyd Wright. It is still amazing this was designed in 1935.

CONTRASTS I asked myself, why is this interesting? For me it is because of contrasts. Organic vs. geometric, dark vs. white, warm vs. cold, natural vs. man made and the list goes on and on.