What a great way to introduce pets to a campaign. Imagine a direwolf pup that grows up with a little boy.

Porter- Before he was a Drunk.

Kings of the Realm character armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc…

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Warrior - maybe a human that has been accepted into the dwarven community, prob the warrior caste

Viking house, Dhruv Chakkamadam on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/viking-house

A cutaway of a regular viking home. They were small, modest buildings made of wood for the most part.

RPG Female Character Portraits

Strength 17 Agility 13 Stamina 16 Personality 12 Intelligence Luck 13 Survived the Plague: all magical healing received Saves: Fort Reflex Will Fights with a.

Knightly by Max-Dunbar on deviantART

My warmup sketch for the day. Some kinda knight type guy.