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    Love Love Love Love Loveeee!!!!

    Love Love Love Love Loveeee!!!!

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    NEW DESIGN!Vintage Morganite and Diamond Ring /Morganite ring/Morganite engagement ring/aquamarine/morganite/Moissanite /Engagement Ring on Etsy, $549.00

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    I AM SO SICK OF EVERY LOVE THING BEING ABOUT GETTING "CUTE" TEXT MESSAGES. GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE. LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOOD MORNING TEXTS OR MAKE UP TEXTS. Get out of all of your 15 year old fantasies and realize love that is made out of technological communication is not real. "Cute pictures" don't matter either. Relationships are not for display. My boyfriend and I went a day without talking (GASP) and nothing changed. You know why? Because three word texts mean SHIT in relationshops.

    12 Adorable Texting Wins

    Vintage ring - holy crap its gorgeous! I don't even like round stones very much but this is beautiful!

    Vintage ring | Chic Adore

    Simple yet beautiful

    Community Post: 38 Prettiest Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

    Makes sense...

    The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes

    so simple! save the date mini polaroids that are magnets!

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    Awesome save the date idea.. cute ♥| i'd use drink coasters instead of magnets (or maybe magnetic drink coasters).

    Joint Submission: Brett & Jessica // Inkspot Crow Films Ruffled

    blissful and I think it would be OK to spill some of my wine in there :)

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    Lovely India no that's the lovely Malaika Arora Khan........exquisite! In the bible God mentions pretty women well here's one!

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    Funny Pictures

    Funny Pictures - 49 Pics

    Everyone should have a "Wow" photograph, that makes them feel beautiful, even if no one else ever sees it.

    Watchful Eye of Venus: Mercuro B Cotto... underlying sensuality .

    soul mates #poetry #love poem

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    Bite Marks - because sometimes its important to mark your territory... Hahaha

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    Excuse me while I go cry until I can no longer produce tears.

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    Secret Garden Wedding Portraits | Pepper Nix Photography via @He Y Wedding Lady | See More!

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    This is such a beautiful photo concept

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    22 Reasons Rory should have stayed with Logan. And would have always looked at her like this.

    22 Reasons Rory Should Have Stuck With Logan

    is this a beautiful thing I should post under things i love, or a humor bit because of the last line? sorry for the double pin but i just cant help myself...

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    This is a site where brides can sell all of the leftovers from their weddings. I will be looking here before I buy anything in bulk!

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    I love this idea of ‘memories in a jar’ from blogger Inchmark. You can write down all your memories on little notes and put them in a jar, so you can read them later and won’t have to forget any nice memory. It’s also a great idea to do this with your friends; just write down all the funny quotes, and read them all on new years eve. This would also be a great baby memory jar.

    Memories in a jar - PS by Dila

    Love this idea! DIY Wedding | Instagram Save-the-Date Invitations ~ print mini sticker-pictures using Printstagram, include them on the invitation so your guests can mark their calendars.

    Make your own instagram save the dates!

    Creative Punishment - This is utterly brilliant. As a kid, I would've managed well with this....and the laundry.

    Creative Punishment

    S'more Bar

    How Sweet it is

    Altar decorado con pétalos de flores para una boda al aire libre

    Decoración de jardines para bodas al aire libre!

    Best Man/ Maid of Honor Pic! ♥

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