They have changed my life in so many different ways it's almost like its impossible! I love each one of them! Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Matthew Espinosa, Jack G., Carter Reynolds, and Jack J.

The first thing I think when i see this is "oh my goodness Nash has no pants on" then I think "well it's Nash, wat do u expect?" And then I Cam's joggers and I die a little inside...

"Do It For The Vine. *Nash grier, Cameron Dallas, and Matt Espinosa Fanfic * - Do It For The Vine." by PaatienceW - "Amanda and Patience a.k.a Aye&pay, make videos on vine. it started out small, but then they suddenly…"

Magcon Boys handmade Rubik Cube of Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, & Matthew Espinosa. And where can I get this exactly???

You know what would be funny,if we actually got married and then show these pictures to our kids.and they thought there dad was hot.

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