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Typed on light card stock with vintage electric typewriter. Any size you want 8 x 10 and under. Order this quote, or send me your favorite quote, and Ill

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Keep Calm and Feel the Sand Between Your Toes!

Wanderlust Wednesday. - Paperblog

omg amazing

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Our goodnight prayer.

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I have most likely posted this before. However, the words still ring true and strike a chord in me. Life is worth it!

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The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes


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Looking for editing software Here are 5 awesome and free photo editing websites.

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Websites

When you make me tell you why I loved him, all I can say is he was he and I was I.

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Ereshkigal, Queen of the Great Earth: Goddess Istar's Sister

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alisaburke: colored pencils: a few tips and tricks

colored pencils: a few tips and tricks

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tough times don't last.


the peony and the bee


My beauty

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Rebecca Wood-Meek

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The vegetable garden of Abundance of la Chatonniere. Each segment of the leaf is a different edible plant

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Georgia Okeeffe aged so beautifully.

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Casa Lluvia Blanca by House + House Architects

Casa Lluvia Blanca by House + House Architects | Home Adore

Seems perfectly reasonable to me

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If I could give you any

Joy Quotes, Famous Quotes and Sayings about Joy | Quoteswave

Wine & Whiskey #sassy hahaha thats a good way to put it ;p

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But then, you always were one to step over dimes to pick up pennies. Don't know the value of anything.

Passions & Guilty Pleasures — It’s a Sexy Pleasure