A kiss is just a kiss...

A kiss is just a kiss...

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April and Jackson (Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams) on Grey's Anatomy.

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April and Jackson (Sarah Drew & Jesse Williams) on Grey's Anatomy.

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  • Luz Miranda
    Luz Miranda

    MY GOD!

  • A l a n a C l a r k
    A l a n a C l a r k

    I love them! So MUCH!

  • Ashli ♡
    Ashli ♡


Addison & Derek

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  • Alyssa Furneaux
    Alyssa Furneaux

    Where is this picture from...pretty sure this didnt happen in the season.

  • Kate Elizabeth
    Kate Elizabeth

    Alyssa Furneaux I think this is when he did brain surgery on her brother. I'm not sure what it says about me that I can tell you this.

  • nayantara pandit
    nayantara pandit

    Alyssa Furneaux it didnt happen u can see the morphing

  • Coline Taisant
    Coline Taisant

    fake love

Miranda & Ben

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  • Geri Patterson
    Geri Patterson

    I love these two!!!

Lexie & Mark

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  • Kate Elizabeth
    Kate Elizabeth

    God, Grey's, there are so many dead people in these recaps

  • Maëva WOT
    Maëva WOT

    I miss them but they leave good memories :')

  • shirin roy
    shirin roy

    I loved this kiss so much ^_^

Izzie & Denny

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Callie and Arizona

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  • Erin Geerlof
    Erin Geerlof

    Please pin more Calzona pictures!!

  • Maëva WOT
    Maëva WOT

    Calzona :D

Meredith and Derek

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Alex and Izzie

Weddings of Grey's Anatomy

  • Jessica Tjoa
    Jessica Tjoa

    i miss them

  • Ananya .
    Ananya .

    Izzie gonna be back. :)

  • Brenda Chaussé-Johnson
    Brenda Chaussé-Johnson

    That is great news Anya!

  • Rebecca

    My favorite couple I wish this was actual real life

  • Mel Fred
    Mel Fred

    Bring Izzie back. PLEASE! MY FAVORITE COUPLE She should come back to save the hospital.

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Meredith and Derek

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Owen and Cristina

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  • Susan Plunkett
    Susan Plunkett

    My! Favorite. They are so sexy together.

  • Gabriela Morales
    Gabriela Morales

    so cute !

  • BooBooBeth S.
    BooBooBeth S.

    But Kidd is SOOO bad at love scenes. It's nauseating. Phony.