40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

40 secret iphone features and shortcuts, iphone. I just tried this out and found lots of neat tricks for my phone!

Article about Photography posing mistakes

Forrest - the yellow chair is SO the thing! article about posing mistakes-GREAT article and I agree with ALL the tips on posing women! (If you're not a photog like me, great tips for how to pose yourself. Very helpful!


Watch out for poison oak & ivy

Good to know. Watch out for Poison Oak & Ivy (at school!)- a good guide on "How to treat and avoid poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac"

Top 50 best websites: Cool websites 2012

Top 50 best websites 2012 some pretty sweet stuff I have NEVER even heard of!

EVERY Target shopper NEEDS to know this!!! Target's mark down schedule.

Target's mark down schedule: Monday - Kids’ Clothing, Stationery & Electronics // Tuesday - Women’s Clothing & Domestics // Wednesday - Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health & Beauty // Thursday - Lingerie, Shoes & Housewares // Friday - cosmetics