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Griffin Dewatering
Griffin Dewatering
Griffin Dewatering

Griffin Dewatering

Griffin Dewatering’s business is groundwater control and construction dewatering. Photos posted by Terry S. Aylward Marketing Manager of Griffin Dewatering.

Vacuum-assisted wellpoint pumps are available in 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-in. models. Automatically prime and reprime at suction lifts of 25 ft. or greater Capable of handling flow up to 3,500 gpm, head conditions up to 150 ft. and over 200 cfm of air Available with the Wind Tunnel high-volume air handling system Particularly suited for wellpoint dewatering systems in pervious soil formation Complete line of wellpoint accessories available

CANNED WELLPOINT PUMPS: Each pump contain two pumps, one primary and one backup. The pumps can be change to different HP to accommodate the anticipated flow. This has a much smaller footprint than conventional pumps for areas with limited access. With this set up, you can remotely set the vacuum unit away from the pumps, thus eliminated any exhaust issues (Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump with two Griffin canned wellpoint pumps on 08.21.2014). For more call 713-671-7000

Prior to performing our work, the goal is to warm up muscles and joints and prepare the nervous system. A dynamic warm-up is one that incorporates all the necessary components of stretching without losing anything.

Jenny Aronson Lescohier Editor - Rental at AC Business Media with Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump (Houston, Texas) and Eric Servais Publisher at AC Business Media (Rental) all at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas.

Terry Aylward in Las Vegas March 2014 next to a Griffin Hydraulic Power Unit and 24 inch Axial Flow Water Pump (that's made in the USA).

#EmergencyBypassPumping call Jeff Wright nationwide at 1-800-431-1510

Career Opportunities - Dewatering Pump Field We currently have job openings in Texas, New Jersey, Southern California, Virginia, and Hammond, Indiana. Link: www.griffindewate...

Terry Aylward and Nasser Amiry, P.E. of Griffin Dewatering on a jobsite next to a Griffin #Wellpoint Pump.

Here’s the first office of the #CaterpillarTractorCo. after being set up in 1925: www.petersoncat.c...

#STRETCHING: Wrist Rotations - Stand in place, feet placed at a normal stance with arms straight at the side. Make a fist with each hand, and rotate at the wrist, turning your fist clockwise with your left hand; and counterclockwise with your right. After 10-12 repetitions, reverse the rotation (i.e. counterclockwise with left, clockwise with right) and perform additional 10-12 repetitions (Terry Aylward of Griffin Dewatering demonstrates the wrist rotation).

Editor of Pumps & Systems magazine Michelle Segrest and Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump with a 'iron-wheeled' antique Griffin Wellpoint Dewatering Pump.

Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump with a submersible Axial Flow Pump and power unit made in the U.S.A. by Griffin!

Jerry Soto and Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump at ConExpo 2014.

Editor in Chief of #PublicWorks Stephanie Johnston stops by the Griffin Pump booth in Las #Vegas at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014. (with Terry Aylward of Griffin Pump and Bob Marinez of Hanley Wood)

Kevin and Terry both 7+ year employees of Griffin Pump stand in front of a load of Dewatering Pumps and equipment they just helped prepare for shipment. Griffin sells and ships dewatering pumps around the world!

Large Diameter Impellers Make Trash Pumps More Versatile

Texas Dealer Buys Portion of Cat Mining Business | Construction Equipment

Construction delays are common, but some projects stand out for the sheer amount of time and money they consumed during the process of their construction.

American-Made Dewatering Pumps with Electric Motors

Griffin Pump and Equipment is an Industry Leader in Dewatering Pump Manufacturing - 80 years strong!

Perform wastewater/sewer bypass pumping, sumping and flood control applications with Griffin’s Dewatering Pump, which will be featured in the company’s booth at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - See more at: www.equipmentworl...

This trailer-mounted 4-inch solid handling pump features a 450-horsepower engine with a head capacity that exceeds 300 feet. The silent, non-clogging pump, is capable of 9,000-gpm flows with a 12-inch suction and 10-inch discharge. The pump’s large cleanout ports simplify impeller debris removal with no need to remove the hose or piping. Lockable doors ensure security. - See more at: www.equipmentworl...