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Nerd Alert

Nerd Alert

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Darth Vader CD Boombox

"Famous Guns in Pop Culture" - Star Trek, by Federico Mauro.

Robo cop, Woody, and link walk into a bus station....

Jackie Chans Major Injuries: A Catalogue of Pain

HADOKEN-ing, where were you when I was watching Toonami after school

Ian Mckellen, Gandalf & Magneto.

Colonel Sanders Dressed in Dragon Ball Z, Doesn't Unleash a Kamehameha. This KFC is on Planet Namek

Robin, this is why we can’t have nice things.

A Christmas Tree Made From 350,000 Lego Bricks And Other Links

The noob guide to space travel

If Yoda Was Flesh Toned. .....creepy

Sufjan Steven's gruesome claymation video for Mr. Frosty Man, just in time for Christmas, or is it Halloween. See for yourself^Jitin

Life sized Hylian Shield made by some lego genius

Boba Fett & Carbonite Solo - Star Wars Christmas Ornaments. Candy Cane rifle is my favorite part of this^Jitin

"Star Wars" As Medieval Manuscripts. Just don't let that lady in Spain get her hands on these^Jitin

"Star Wars" As Medieval Manuscripts or the new fleet foxes album cover^Jitin

"Star Wars" As Medieval Manuscripts

Spider-Brown. Thank you for combining two of my favorite, down on their luck, figuring it out, courageous characters^Jitin

Ever wondered what Pokemon are made of^Jitin

Pokémon Anatomy

Two versions (of each of the Mayor's emotions) of this TNBC poster by Graham Erwin.

What Kind of Geek are You? The answer is none, a Geek is technically a side show performer that eats the heads off of Chickens^Jitin

Bill Nye the disco guy^Jitin

Love this Day of the Dead style Boba Fett Tat^Jitin

All my heros in one place^Jitin

True story^Jitin