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GrooveBook - Your Photos Revolutionized

  • Aleacia Nicole
    Aleacia Nicole

    Sometimes it takes a while. When they get a surge of new customers it backs the system up I think. It'll come and you'll love it. It seemed like it took a lot longer to get my book this month than normal.

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Sure wish I could get the October book that I PAID for! Not getting any answers via email. Groovebook, please HELP.

  • Aleacia Nicole
    Aleacia Nicole

    Yes. You chose which ones will be printed. You can even order more than 1 of the same print if desired.

  • Amanda Skarbek
    Amanda Skarbek

    Can you choose the order the pictures will appear in the book? Thanks!

  • Aleacia Nicole
    Aleacia Nicole

    Julie, the cover does change every month. It's always exciting to see what it will look like. My book closes on the 8th of each month, usually they charge my bank account by the 20th and I have my book in the mail by the 30th.

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GrooveBook submitted by Vuthy Thorn #SharkTank

  • Irma Saldana
    Irma Saldana

    Is there a phone number to call? I did my first upload on Nov. 17th and was not allowed to close the book unless I verified my address. I did all that and still could not upload. I am now due for another book and have not be able to upload the first one. I received an email response with the instructions on how to upload. URGENT!!! VERY POOR SUPPORT. I WANT A PHONE NUMBER TO TALK TO A KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON!!!

  • Beverly Nicolois
    Beverly Nicolois

    i had an issue once and they e m ailed me right away.... keep trying something is wrong....

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Groovebook, your customer service stinks! Can't get any help via email!

  • Beverly Nicolois
    Beverly Nicolois

    love groovebook

  • Candace Nowland
    Candace Nowland

    Sarah... I'm just a happy customer;)) I wish I could help you;))) I have emailed questions to them also about other things and have gotten a pretty quick response... I hope u get everything worked out;))

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How to Close an Extra Book

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    I'd just like to get the book that I paid for in October please!!! Not getting anywhere via email!

How to change the book print quantity

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Groovebook, please help! I just want to get the October Groovebook that I paid for.

Relive your favorite moments over and over again with a photobook from Groovebook

  • Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)
    Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)

    Use code THETRAVELINGGROOVE to get your first Groovebook free.

How to update photo quantity

How to add books for friends & family

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  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    It would be nice if @Groovebook would send me the book that I paid for. Not getting anywhere with them via email. Their customer service leaves something to be desired. #Groovebook I'm sad since I like the product. :(

  • Karen Iampietro
    Karen Iampietro

    John and I saw this on Sharktank. Great idea!

  • Amparo Solorzano
    Amparo Solorzano

    Got my first groove book.... Love it!!! Use PROMO code SOLORZANO21 to get your first book for FREE!!!

  • Yana Lyfar
    Yana Lyfar

    Use coupon code LYFAR10 to get your first groove book for FREE !!!

Violet Imperfection: Groovebook on Shark Tank!

  • Koe Marie
    Koe Marie

    I love this company! I've been a subscriber for almost 6 mos now & the picture books are very good quality and super cute & memorable! To get a FREE groove book use code Brown723

Quick and Easy Healthy Snack: Apples and Peanut Butter

Upload your photos from your smartphone each month and receive a book of 100 photos using the Groovebook app. The book is mailed to you for ...

  • Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)
    Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)

    No. The covers are random. They change each month.

  • Jennifer Perilloux
    Jennifer Perilloux

    Can you choose your specific outer cover?

  • Kimberly Grabinski
    Kimberly Grabinski

    I have seen these and keep meaning to do this. Great idea!

  • Crystal Gibson
    Crystal Gibson

    I love Groovebook!!

  • Heather @ Work from Home with Kids
    Heather @ Work from Home with Kids

    This is sooo cool!

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Violet Imperfection: Review

Free Photo Book / How To Print Photos From Your Phone - Groovebook App

Display your kids artwork!


  • Yana Lyfar
    Yana Lyfar

    Use coupon code LYFAR10 to get your first groove book for FREE !!!

  • Siiri Elizabeth
    Siiri Elizabeth


  • Groovebook

    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Carolyn Bailey
    Carolyn Bailey

    I LOVE Groovebook!!! Greatest invention!

Thank you theSIMPLEmoms for the great review!

  • Ginny Logan
    Ginny Logan

    Thank YOU for such a great product at an amazing price. My pleasure.

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Groovebook Photobook - YouTube

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GrooveBook: FREE Photobook with 100 Pictures from your Phone! FREE Shipping!

  • Michelle Lynn
    Michelle Lynn

    Free 100 picture photo book. Use Moody17