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GrooveBook - Your Photos Revolutionized

  • Amanda Skarbek
    Amanda Skarbek

    Can you choose the order the pictures will appear in the book? Thanks!

  • Aleacia Nicole
    Aleacia Nicole

    Yes. You chose which ones will be printed. You can even order more than 1 of the same print if desired.

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Sure wish I could get the October book that I PAID for! Not getting any answers via email. Groovebook, please HELP.

  • Aleacia Nicole
    Aleacia Nicole

    Sometimes it takes a while. When they get a surge of new customers it backs the system up I think. It'll come and you'll love it. It seemed like it took a lot longer to get my book this month than normal.

  • Emily Marie Arlene
    Emily Marie Arlene

    How can I get the ap on my Verizon HTC Windows8x phone? I go to my app store, typed in "groovebook" or "groove book" and nothing comes up. Can anyone help?

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How to Organize Your Photos via Life & Leopard

GrooveBook submitted by Vuthy Thorn #SharkTank

  • Candace Nowland
    Candace Nowland

    Sarah... I'm just a happy customer;)) I wish I could help you;))) I have emailed questions to them also about other things and have gotten a pretty quick response... I hope u get everything worked out;))

  • Beverly Nicolois
    Beverly Nicolois

    love groovebook

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Groovebook, your customer service stinks! Can't get any help via email!

  • Beverly Nicolois
    Beverly Nicolois

    i had an issue once and they e m ailed me right away.... keep trying something is wrong....

  • Irma Saldana
    Irma Saldana

    Is there a phone number to call? I did my first upload on Nov. 17th and was not allowed to close the book unless I verified my address. I did all that and still could not upload. I am now due for another book and have not be able to upload the first one. I received an email response with the instructions on how to upload. URGENT!!! VERY POOR SUPPORT. I WANT A PHONE NUMBER TO TALK TO A KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON!!!

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How to Close an Extra Book

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    I'd just like to get the book that I paid for in October please!!! Not getting anywhere via email!

How to change the book print quantity

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    Groovebook, please help! I just want to get the October Groovebook that I paid for.

Relive your favorite moments over and over again with a photobook from Groovebook

  • Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)
    Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)

    Use code THETRAVELINGGROOVE to get your first Groovebook free.

How to update photo quantity

How to add books for friends & family

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  • Yana Lyfar
    Yana Lyfar

    Use coupon code LYFAR10 to get your first groove book for FREE !!!

  • Amparo Solorzano
    Amparo Solorzano

    Got my first groove book.... Love it!!! Use PROMO code SOLORZANO21 to get your first book for FREE!!!

  • Karen Iampietro
    Karen Iampietro

    John and I saw this on Sharktank. Great idea!

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones

    It would be nice if @Groovebook would send me the book that I paid for. Not getting anywhere with them via email. Their customer service leaves something to be desired. #Groovebook I'm sad since I like the product. :(

Violet Imperfection: Groovebook on Shark Tank!

  • Koe Marie
    Koe Marie

    I love this company! I've been a subscriber for almost 6 mos now & the picture books are very good quality and super cute & memorable! ๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š To get a FREE groove book use code ๐Ÿ‘‰ Brown723 ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Quick and Easy Healthy Snack: Apples and Peanut Butter

Upload your photos from your smartphone each month and receive a book of 100 photos using the Groovebook app. The book is mailed to you for ...

  • Heather @ Work from Home with Kids
    Heather @ Work from Home with Kids

    This is sooo cool!

  • Crystal Gibson
    Crystal Gibson

    I love Groovebook!!

  • Kimberly Grabinski
    Kimberly Grabinski

    I have seen these and keep meaning to do this. Great idea!

  • Jennifer Perilloux
    Jennifer Perilloux

    Can you choose your specific outer cover?

  • Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)
    Tonya Prater (The Traveling Praters)

    No. The covers are random. They change each month.

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Violet Imperfection: Review

Free Photo Book / How To Print Photos From Your Phone - Groovebook App

Display your kids artwork!


  • Carolyn Bailey
    Carolyn Bailey

    I LOVE Groovebook!!! Greatest invention!

  • Groovebook

    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Siiri Elizabeth
    Siiri Elizabeth


  • Yana Lyfar
    Yana Lyfar

    Use coupon code LYFAR10 to get your first groove book for FREE !!!

Thank you theSIMPLEmoms for the great review!

  • Ginny Logan
    Ginny Logan

    Thank YOU for such a great product at an amazing price. My pleasure.

Free Groovebook- 100 Page Photo Book plus FREE Shipping

Groovebook Photobook - YouTube

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GrooveBook: FREE Photobook with 100 Pictures from your Phone! FREE Shipping!

  • Michelle Lynn
    Michelle Lynn

    Free 100 picture photo book. Use Moody17