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The Garden Patch GrowBox
The Garden Patch GrowBox
The Garden Patch GrowBox

The Garden Patch GrowBox

The perfect gardening planter, the GrowBox. Effortlessly grows full-size tomatoes, veggies, herbs, berries even beautiful roses - right on your patio or deck. I

Here are a few pictures we took today of my tomato and squash plants in the GrowBoxes. We have already harvested some tomatos and squash. - Bob L., San Jose, CA

Independently Recommended and Honored So You Can Feel Safe Ordering

Independently Recommended and Honored So You Can Feel Safe Ordering

One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Why not give them a test trial and let us know what you think. You can't lose with our money-back offer and if you're like thousands of happy Garden PatchTM Customers, once you try Garden PatchTM growing you'll never give 'em up!

One-Year Risk Free Trial Why wait another season? Enjoy gardening now without any risk. Grow for a full season with Grow BoxesTM by Garden PatchTM RISK-FREE and tell us what you think. We guarantee you'll have a beautiful, hassle-free garden, full of fresh produce and flowers - even if you've never grown anything before.

The Tomato Patch You’ll Really be Proud Of Your success is assured because the Grow BoxTM has all the growing skills built in. You’ll pick dozens of tomatoes weeks before your neighbor picks even three. You can do it! It’s natural, easy and it works every time. Imagine your delight as you hand a cluster of sun-warmed tomatoes to a friend and say….”Try these, I grew them in my garden.”

Busy Schedule? No Problem Gardening is supposed to be fun, not another weekend chore. Forget about digging up the yard and watching an in-ground garden get out of hand. Growing with the Garden PatchTM Grow BoxTM is a snap. You’ll spend quality time picking healthful veggies and not worrying about garden chores.

The Easiest Garden Ever The Simple Grow Box(TM) that Garden Writers and Home Shows are Raving About.

How will YOU enjoy YOUR tomatoes? Still warm right off the vine With a sprinkle of salt Fried Green Tomatoes Eat ‘em raw, sautéed, grilled or stewed Make Tomato Sauce or Paste Fresh Garden Salsa Can them, freeze them or dry them for later Slicing tomatoes for sandwiches Homemade pizza Tomato Kabobs on the grill The freshest BLT on the block Cherry tomatoes for your salad Grow heirloom seeds and plants for that bygone taste - with ease.

Experience one of the greatest summer pleasures – biting into a vine-ripened tomato. You’ll have the earliest and sweetest ‘maters on the block with the Garden Patch.

Annual US Agricultural Output and Productivity

Over the past 45 years farmers and researchers have developed a unique growing system that increased vegetable production by and incredible 147%. How? They refined the way water, air and fertilizer is provided for the plants. Now this same technology is available for home gardeners. Exactly the same technique professionals use in the fields is built-in to every Garden PatchTM Grow BoxTM. The result? Your plants will flourish, blossom and bear fruit like you’ve never even dreamed of.

Here's a photo of Lois and eight of her cabbage plants in two GrowBoxes. Of course we love our Garden Patch GrowBoxes. -Lois S., Anchorage, AK

We love our Garden Patch Grow Boxes. We were able to grow varieties of heirloom tomatoes that have never grown properly in our in-ground garden. You have a fantastic product! - Chris W., Fairfax, VA

Happy gardener is Eva my daughter, she loves to grow cucumbers… So happy with our cucumbers and tomatoes this year, thank you for making it possible with this great product! - Eva M., Holmdel, NJ

Ann's corn is doing well in her Grow Box, don't you think? - Ann G., St. Simons Island, GA

I have been using the GardenPatch GrowBoxes for several years now and I love them. I have always had some amazing plants… a Black German Queen heirloom tomato plant that was a little over 10' tall… It actually reached 14' in height… I had to use a step ladder to pick tomatoes. - TL T., Gulf Shores, AL

I’m submitting these for my Dad… I couldn’t beat his corn and tomatoes this year! - James C., Millbury, MA

We have at the front sweet peppers, squash then a row of sweet peas, two rows of tomatoes, one with cucumbers of which Tina has made 29 qts of pickles so far. Canned 27 qts of string beans from 6 boxes and have eaten and canned a lot of tomatoes. Also have one now with a watermelon that seems to be taking over our little ole garden - Paul Y., Dadeville, AL