2017 Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival!

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the cover to cruise control by terry trumbac, with an image of a man in
Cruise Control by Terry Trueman | eBook | Epic Reads
Cruise Control By Terry Trueman
I love everything by Terry Trueman Storms, Historical Fiction, Perspective, The Worst, Books To Read, Book Worms, Book Worth Reading, Bad Storms
Web sampler
I love everything by Terry Trueman
a book cover for stuck in neutral by terry trueman, with an image of a man's head
Read STUCK IN NEUTRAL for free! | Epic Reads Blog
Stuck in Neutral By Terry Trueman
a woman sitting on the floor with her hands in the air while she is drawing
Maggie Thrash creating an original piece for the winner of the Armchair BEA contest. #BEA15 #ArmchairBEA #graphicnovel #yalit
a woman standing in the woods with her arms crossed
Maggie Thrash | bio
Maggie Thrash will discuss her new book on the YA panel.
we know it was you by maggie thrash book cover with an image of a doll in the water
12 great new books to curl up with this fall, according to best-selling authors
We Know It Was You by Maggie Thrash
a woman with long hair and blue eyes smiling at the camera, wearing a black blazer
home - Miami Book Fair
Tamara Ireland Stone #miamibookfair2015
a poster with the words time and time again on it
The time it was a cover reveal {10} – Adventures of a Book Junkie
Time and Time Again: A Collection by Tamara Ireland Stone
the book review for every last word by tamba ireland stone is shown in front of a wooden background
Book Review: Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
Here's a spoiler-free review on the book Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone by someone who suffers from Pure-Obsessional OCD.
the cover of time between us by tamina williams stroue, with her arms crossed
Time Between Us (Time Between Us #1) – Tamara Ireland Stone
Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone
a black and white sign that says i'm not perfect never have been, never will be
Every Last Word
Goodreads | Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
two pieces of torn paper with the words every last and word written on each piece
Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone | 19 Books That Are Brutally Honest About Mental Health
an image of a bird flying next to a book with the quote sometimes when you take a rest, you fail that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be out there trying crazy and difficult things
Home | kayla-king-books
The Whisper
the whisper by aaron stamer is shown in this children's book cover
The Whisper (The Riverman Trilogy, #2)
The Whisper (The Riverman Trilogy #2) - Aaron Starmer. Cover by Yelena Bryksenkova.
a woman standing on top of a food truck with the words spoontanedus above her head
Library System of Lancaster County / All Locations
Spontaneous "A novel about growing up... and blowing up" ~ by Aaron Starmer