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Photo (The Absolute Best Photography Posts)

Funny pictures about An ant pushing some water. Oh, and cool pics about An ant pushing some water. Also, An ant pushing some water photos.

Naples, Italy


Places to go, things to see The Infinite Gallery : Castello Aragonese in Ischia, Gulf of Naples, Italy

Do it..

Sometimes the "I would love to: see that person, do that course, get that body I really want, spend time by the ocean or out in nature, travel to that picture postcard place etc" . Becomes a distant memory. How sad is that? How sad it is to substitute


STBI: Quotes of the week #10

Henry David Thoreau -- All good things are wild and free - love, explorations, summer, friendships and a lot

simply beautiful

Frozen bubbles in Canadian lakes - in pictures

This I need to remember over and over <3

Great Advice That was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.: That was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.

Be who you apologies necessary.

Real Life Wednesday: On The Simplest Inspiration

There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologise for your enthusiasm.

it will be if it is meant to be.

You will never have to force anything that's truly meant to be. I gotta REMEMBER this!


"All life deserves respect and kindness". I feel like this quote explains a lot ! When I'm kind to nature my friends are like 😂😂 and this quote gets me yass ✔️💯💕👍

...elderly people, small children , and animals...our most vulnerable.  You can tell a person's character in an instant

Why We Love Cats and Dogs

near a small stream and near a small child....both have much to say

Open House for Butterflies: Ruth Krauss’s Final and Loveliest Collaboration with Maurice Sendak

illustration by maurice sendak (open house for butterflies / ruth krauss)


Dude. Ocean. Not cool.

There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it is sent away. In one way this sounds beautiful, but in another way it sounds reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyy creepy.

need to go ... Wizards Hat, Bandon, Oregon

A brilliant Winter sunset. Wizard's Hat, Bandon, Oregon Coast (Photo by Chip Phillips)