Stephen Colbert on the complexity of One Direction's lyrics of 'What makes you beautiful'. Self confidence is what makes you beautiful, not make-up or a pretty dress.

Funny but serious.

Serious pet peeve of mine. Mine too. Drives me crazy and so many people say it.

Poor Gordo!

GORDO forever in the friend zone. Props to Hilary Duff for being one of the few Disney child stars to not go bat shit crazy.

Demotivational Posters

Feel Like Cougar Hunting? Sometimes, you hunt the cougar. Other times, the cougar hunts you. Pay back!


Sorry, but I don't know many "book smart" people with common sense like mine. So if I'm "imaginary smart" so be it. At least I'm not making dumb decisions.

Best Halloween Costume Ever.

Um this is freaking hilarious. Little abercrombie bag boy model


Funny pictures about When I find good music. Oh, and cool pics about When I find good music. Also, When I find good music.

sparkle like diamonds baby!

Nurture your inner spark and ignite your SPARKLE. Yeah don't let Patra do that


he-is-so-zazzy-funny-quotes-from-the-big-bang-theory-by-sheldon-this-little-guy-is-zazzles-i-was-going-to-name-him-herman-von-helholms- I love this