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I am not much of a Tatoo person, but these are stunning.

Swallow tattoos - Back in the old days, swallow tattoos were popular to the sailors who have traveled long distances. Its meaning is similar with the sparrow tattoo as well.

The thing about tats is to make sure they emphasize the parts that are not tattooed too!

This is it! I want one like this! a lock tattoo with Egyptian style of decoration

I love this heart lock. Maybe full mandala instead of a face. Small Tattoos Minimal Tattoo Ideas / Collection of Great Tattoos

Jona Weinhofen - full thick blond beard blonde mustache beards bearding bearded man men mens' style tattoos tattooed golden model handsome #goldenboy #beardsforever

“There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. He returns headlong to his beard.