6 Ways To Talk Like a Leader -- great points to share with Ambassadors earning the Public Policy badge (or any teen getting ready to lead a group or take on a new job).

6 Ways To Talk Like a Leader


Junior Girl Scout Badge Worksheets | Junior Girl Scouts Scavenger Hunt

Junior Girl Scouts Scavenger Hunt


Grocery Shopping Scavenger Hunt. Great way to teach Cub Scouts about how much things cost at the store! Especially the Wolves.

Empowered By THEM: Grocery Shopping Scavenger Hunt


5 keys to making a budget you will actually keep!

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"Rolled felt hot glued together and onto cardboard inserted into picture frame."

Pin and Paper: DIY jewelry displays


DIY Ice Pack - how cool is that? via mini-eco

DIY ice pack. | Puj


Download complete requirements for all levels of girls scout badges.

ScruggsEastHigh - Girl Scout Legacy Badges


Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge Workshop McKinney, TX #Kids #Events

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Camping with your girls? Check out GSLE's camping progression totem pole badges. The girls work through each camping activity to earn each part of the pole: http://www.gsle.org/camping/campingpatches.asp . Check out all the other great camping-related patches offered by GSLE too.

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Check out this site that will put your photos into the view master format -- Ambassadors earning their Photographer badge may want to check out what they can do with their photos. (And if they've started building a network as part of their Take Action projects, they may want to use cookie funds to develop a "highlight reel" of what they've accomplished to send to their biggest supporters.)

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Odds Are: The Hunger Games Patch | complete required activity (read a Hunger Games book) and complete at least one activity in each of the 5 sections. Activities: history, tv, archery, bake bread, make cheese, make jelly, commercials, fashion design, cooking, first aid, survival skills, emergency responders

Odds Are: The Hunger Games Patch


"How to Capture Motion in Photography" A beginner's guide for Ambassadors earning the Photographer badge!

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scout first aid cards

Beehive Messages: Young Women's Camp 2010 - First Aid Cards


Tips on street photography...Great for Ambassadors earning the Photographer badge!

Street Style Photography Tips from the Pros


"Picture Perfect: Tips for Planning a Photo Shoot" Great advice for Ambassadors earning the Photographer badge.

Picture Perfect: Tips for Planning a Photo Shoot


Free Printable~ Bird Book for Kids (Great resource for recording all those birds you see while birdwatching!)

Free Printable Bird Book for Birding with Kids - Buggy and Buddy


First Aid Quiz Printable Handout - this would be GREAT for cub scouts, activity days, or girls camp prep.

First Aid Quiz Printable Handout | Mormon Mommy Printables


Duct Tape Mini First Aid Kit Roll Pocket Supplies: Band-Aids, Antibiotic Cream, Cleansing Wipes Good for a Girl Scout Camp Activity

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Girl Scout First Aid Badge - Know if You've Sprained Your Ankle

How to Know if You've Sprained Your Ankle: 7 Steps


You can earn our June patch of the month on your own, with a troop, or with your family. Do you have one yet?

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Tips for making first aid kits or "go bags" (to be used in emergency evacuations). Good for girls earning their first aid badge. Could also be the basis of a Take Action project--girls could create kits for neighbors, community organizations (library, school, homeless shelter), Habitat for Humanity houses, etc. to make it sustainable: do a presentation, create a handout or video, or organize a workshop to educate and inspire others to do the same.

30 Things Everyone Should Know - Martha Stewart Tv


Take a photo of the award's page in the handbook. Print out wallet size photos on white card stock. Give each girl a card to go with her earned badge. Great for scrapbooking your girls scouting achievements.

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Kids Exercise Routines

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For the Brownie Quest journey and tieing in the badges. 1st is Letterboxer, and the 1st key in the Journey is Discover. Answers are Map, Compass, Friends, and Persistence - which answer what they need for Letterboxing, but also what they need to Discover about themselves to do anything (begin with the end in mind, know what's right, have a support system, and work hard).

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Essential For Vitamin Source ♥✤

Essential For Vitamin Source