daily 5 check in...YES FINALLY! This is exactly what I've been looking for ...plus it's a great site for other D5 ideas!

daily 5 check in. but not sure if I want to do it on my smart board .plus it's a great site for other ideas!

Task Card Corner... The MOTHERLOAD of all task cards & classroom organization.. Must read blog!!! Believe me!!

The MOTHERLOAD of all task cards & classroom organization. I have so many cluttered ziplock bags!

Anchor Chart: Reading and Writing Goals ~ I love the way kids can select their own goals!

Anchor Charts: Reading and Writing Goals

Teaching and Tapas: Grade in Spain: Anchor Charts: Reading and Writing Goals. I like the setup and Velcro but I'd need different goals.

Some good ideas for word work

Spelling 2 - Instead of students using their spelling words in a sentence for homework. This Spelling Menu gives students more freedom and options in their spelling homework. Students must choose a different menu item every night of the week for homework.

This teacher Does the Daily 3 (modified from the Daily5). Anchor chart shows areas focused on & stamina expectations

VERY GOOD daily 5 info/tips. Juice Boxes and Crayolas: Organization Week Day Literacy (aka Daily 3 Bootcamp)

Upper Elementary Fun!: It's Already 2014?!?! This would be awesome for learning how to annotate.

Teach Your Child To Read - Free Sticky Note Bookmark to use with students. It teaches them how to use sticky notes WHILE reading to help them increase their skills! - Teach Your Child To Read

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5? In this blog post, Laura Candler compares and contrasts the two programs to highlight the features of both instructional models.

Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5

Corkboard Connections: Power Reading Workshop and The Daily how she explains the differences here and lays it out better for an upper elementary classroom.

Runde's Room: This post explains how Daily 5 is introduced and used in a 5th grade classroom.

Runde's Room

Host a Classroom Book Tasting! Your students will love sampling new books with this fun lesson!

Host a Classroom Book Tasting!

File this under lessons that must be repeated multiple times throughout the year! I hosted my very first classroom Book Tasting yesterday, and my students were ALL IN! Book Tastings are a wonderful w

18 FREE Daily 5 Resources. Great for grades 3-5 that will help your class be organized and ready!

Daily 5 Freebies!

Here are 18 FREE Daily 5 Resources that are great for grades classroom use. Teachers across the nation are using the Daily 5 during reading instruction and the benefits are amazing!

From a third grade classroom, but I think would still be wonderful with my seventh graders.

The FACE of a Reader bulletin board Asking Questions While We Read Classroom Jobs Display Daily Schedule, Weekly Words, an.

Schedule idea for using Daily Five in a 1hr 50min block. (Intermediate) Setting the schedule is always (to me) the hardest part...this is one great schedule!

Come back to this for timetabling ideas - A Crafty Teacher: Daily 5 and Cafe and Storytown