Bling Your Booth Ideas

Let's celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies! Our biggest cookie milestone yet is here. That’s right! 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts, and we’re so ready to celebrate!
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Super Bowl themed Girl Scout cookie booths. #BlingYourBooth >

By creating cookie packages or bundles, girls can market strategically. For example: Super Bowl "six packs" and Valentine's Day "treats for your sweet.

Attention-getting cookie booth! #BlingYourBooth >

Who wouldn't stop to see Cookie Monster? Great idea for a Girl Scout cookie booth.

Girl Scout Cookies cookie box "arch" for cookie sales. #BlingYourBooth >

Girl Scout Cookies cookie box "arch" for cookie sales, just curious how this would stay sturdy in south Texas wind.

We go together like milk and Girl Scout Cookies! #BlingYourBooth >

Do the Girl Scouts have a merit badge for “Best Guilty Pleasure Enabler Ever”? If so, give it to whichever genius came up with the idea for the digital “Girl Scout Cookie Locator.