Inspiring article to share with teens who are thinking about Take Action or Silver/Gold Award projects.

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Brownies in Purvis, Mississippi used the "A World of Girls" Leadership Journey to develop this wonderful Take Action project. The Journey helped them learn about how to spot a community need, connect with others (city council, cookie customers) and develop a sustainable plan. "A World of Girls" and the other two Brownie Leadership Journeys, "Brownie Quest" and "WOW! Wonders of Water," offer the same steps to doing projects that make the world a better place.

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How to Eat Healthy While Camping in the Woods -- great resource for Seniors earning their Adventurer badge. Kick it up a notch and develop a Take Action project or Gold Award project that teachers younger girls to explore nature and eat healthily (maybe by creating a workshop followed by a camping trip + vidoes/tip sheets for girls and volunteers).

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Girl Scout Blog: A Twist on #Recycling. See how these #GirlScouts turned trash into treasure for their community. #GirlScoutsGiveBack

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Incredibly moving example of how to use media to make change -- video, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts share the story of a teen named Zach Sobiech, who died of a rare cancer, and inspired people to donate $450,000 to the Children's Cancer Fund. Share with teen Girl Scouts who want to use media to Take Action on an issue that means something to them.

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Everyone should take the time to give back! Here are 5 small ways to make a meaningful difference in your community:

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Girl Scout Blog: NC Troop Sends Gratitude and a ‘Taste of Home’ to Military Families Stationed Overseas. #GirlScoutsGiveBack

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When an 8-year-old Brownie from @gsgcnwi noticed the heroine Rey was missing from the new Star Wars Monopoly game, she took action. Two days after her letter was posted to social media with the #WheresRey, Hasbro announced the game will be changed. We are proud of you, Annie Rose! #GirlScoutsRock

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Girl Scout Blog: Troop 2385 Works with the Sweet Eats Program to Provide Food to Families of Patients. #GirlScoutsGiveBack

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