Step 1: Funny New Song -- Twelve Girl Scout Meeting -- from

MakingFriends Girl Scout Song Sheets Print words to a fun Girl Scout that is sung to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas" but is appropriate the whole year through.

Girl Scout Songs

My fondest memories of all the Girl Scout activities I was involved in all involved singing of some sort.

Step 1: New Song -- If You're a Leader and You Know It -- From

MakingFriends Girl Scout Song Sheets Lyrics and actions for Girl Scout song "If You are a Leader and You Know It.

▶ Peel Banana Camp Song.AVI - YouTube

Go Bananas Energizer - this one is fun and adaptable, though for some reason we've had some kids totally crack up during it!

▶ Shake Another Hand - YouTube

San Diego Girl Scout Songbirds sing Shake Another Hand. Shake another hand, shake the hand next to ya. Shake another hand and sing this song. Shake another h.

▶ Boom Chicka Boom - YouTube

A song ideal for a big group, where you split your group up into four parts LYRICS: Late last night when we were all in bed Old lady Leary left a lantern in .