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Teaching Life Skills to Gifted Children at School and at Home What Are Life Skills, Life Skills Kids, Teaching Life Skills, Study Skills, Leadership Strategies, Academic Success, Time Management Skills, Student Gifts, Kids Gifts

Teaching Life Skills to Gifted Children at School and at Home

Life skills are those skills which enable us to deal effectively with the challenges faced every day and are needed to succeed in life. They involve the ability to be flexible when problem solving, display imitative, interact positively with others, be productive, and to be a leader. Qualities associated with successful life skills include self-awareness,…

Benefits of Bibliotherapy for GT Kids Reading Stories, Kids Reading, Bedtime Stories, Improve Self Confidence, Psychological Well Being, Self Efficacy, Text Evidence, Peer Pressure, Classroom Environment

Benefits of Bibliotherapy for GT Kids

Bibliotherapy has been around since the early 1800’s and refers to using storytelling to help children cope with challenges they may face. It may either involve reading aloud to children or children reading stories on their own. Gifted children encounter social as well as emotional challenges which are often ameliorated by reading books – where they…

Journalist and campaigner Tola Okogwu investigates the hidden dangers inside Black hair products, and how the ingredients are damaging the health of POC. Black Natural Hair Care, Black Hair Care, Natural Hair Styles, Afro Hair Care, Melanin Skin, Child Face, Gifted Kids, Natural Haircare, Relaxer

Relationships in a Gifted Family

All families have different abilities among parents, siblings, and extended family. Parents need to understand (and most do) that each child is unique and not compare their children to one another. They should learn to choose their words wisely and recognize social situations requiring them to react thoughtfully in order to avoid negative interactions with…

The Future of Education after the Pandemic Mental Health Issues, Public Health, How To Plan, Education, Future, Future Tense, Educational Illustrations, Learning, Studying

The Future of Education after the Pandemic

This week at #gtchat, we were joined by guests, Jessica Torres and Andi McNair to discuss the future of education after COVID19. No one knows exactly when schools will reopen, but most are working on plans to do so safely and as soon as possible. Public health including physical and mental health issues will…

Trauma Informed Approaches to Educating GT Students School Staff, Law School, Gifted Education, Special Education, Overcoming Adversity, Social Emotional Development, Psychology Degree, Johns Hopkins University, Classroom Walls

Trauma Informed Approaches to Educating GT Students

This week, #gtchat welcomed Alessa Giampaolo Keener as our guest to chat about Trauma Informed Approaches to educating GT Students in the era of COVID19 and the effects of physical distancing when quarantined. Alessa holds a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University; a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Lehigh University, and a Certificate in…

Distance Learning Resources for Educators and Parents Learning Websites, Learning Courses, Learning Resources, Blog Website Design, Website Ideas, Psychology Online, Online Tutoring, France, Educational Technology

Distance Learning Resources for Educators and Parents

One of the biggest challenges of distance learning during the current pandemic has been the ‘overnight’ transition to online instruction; little preparation time; lack of interaction with staff and colleagues; and mostly missing students. Reimagining education (a future #gtchat topic) is beginning to dawn on educators. Is it time to rethink how we educate…

Parenting GT Kids in Extraordinary Times Kids And Parenting, Parenting Hacks, Teacher Page, Depth Of Knowledge, Brave New World, Stressed Out, My Images, Fun Activities, Homeschool

Parenting GT Kids in Extraordinary Times

Parents of GT children know it’s important to be honest and this is true when discussing COVID19. However, using age-appropriate language is still important. Many, not all, experience strong emotional reactions due to their depth of knowledge. The old KWL approach is a good starting point – “what do you know?”; “what do you want…

Staying Socially Connected while Physically Distancing with Guest, Heather Vaughn, EdS Personal And Professional Development, First Relationship, Interpersonal Relationship, Feeling Depressed, Good Mental Health, Student Gifts, Make Time, Kids Gifts, Vulnerability

Staying Socially Connected while Physically Distancing with Guest, Heather Vaughn, EdS

The terms social and physical distancing as well as social connecting have become a part of daily conversation as we all are learning to cope with the consequences of our current situation. It is not too soon, however, to consider the long-term consequences physical distancing. It will affect personal (one-to-one) relationships, families, and businesses. It…

Self-Care in the Era of Covid19 Be Kind To Yourself, Take Care Of Yourself, Chicago Gifts, Coping Mechanisms, Self Assessment, Life Plan, Parents As Teachers, Stressed Out, Life Organization

Self-Care in the Era of Covid19

This week, Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT welcomed Jen Merrill and Kate Arms to discuss the need to remember the importance of self-care during the current coronavirus Pandemic. It was a much need topic for all those who participated. Our first question dealt with how we can handle isolation well. First and foremost, we need…

Resources You Can Use Now for Educating a GT Child at Home Home Learning, Learning Resources, Storyline Online, Printable Math Worksheets, Genius Hour, School Closures, Science Curriculum, Easy Science, Gifted Kids

Resources You Can Use Now for Educating a GT Child at Home

This week we thanked the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) for their 8 years of support! It has been a stressful time to be alive as we learn to live in a new reality in a world responding to a global Pandemic. #gtchat is a free resource provided by TAGT…

Myths about Gifted Kids Social Meaning, Twice Exceptional, Higher Achievement, Gifted Education, Gifted Kids, Education System, Student Gifts

Myths about Gifted Kids

This week at #gtchat, we welcomed Kathleen Humble, GHF Press author of Gifted Myths: An Easy-to-Read Guide to Myths on the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional. Kathleen is a writer and homeschooling mum with ADHD in Australia to two wonderful twice-exceptional children. Previously, she was also a mathematician, computer programmer, and a children’s entertainer. The first…

Beyond Self: Engaging in Community Service Conflict Management, Ethical Issues, Service Learning, World Problems, Take The First Step, Student Gifts, Community Service, Classroom Activities, Kids Gifts

Beyond Self: Engaging in Community Service

Community-service learning is the first step in service learning which is followed by community exploration and action. It is the phase where students begin to be involved; generally by volunteering. When students engage in community-service learning, they begin by perceiving issues and then taking the first steps to become involved in mitigating these issues.…

Bullying and Gifted Students Gifted Students, Gifted Kids, Fear Of Being Alone, Teachers Be Like, Mental Health Support, Digital Citizenship, Classroom Behavior, School Staff, Anti Bullying

Bullying and Gifted Students

Bullying is not an easy topic to discuss, but an important one when it comes to gifted children who are all too often the target of bullies. What signs should parents/educators look for if they suspect a child is being bullied? Parents of a child they suspect is being bullied should be concerned if…

Exploring Passion-Based Learning Critical Thinking Skills, Student Motivation, Problem Solving, Exploring, Positivity, Base, Passion, Learning, Explore

Exploring Passion-Based Learning

Passion-Based Learning builds on students’ passion to assist in learning. It facilitates learning focusing on current passions and stimulating new interests. It begins at a position of strength motivating students to want to learn and take the initiative to solve problems important to them. It provides the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, how…

Innovative Curriculum in the Gifted Classroom Student Voice, Problem Based Learning, Genius Hour, William And Mary, Art Curriculum, Gifted Education, Student Engagement, Student Gifts, Kids Gifts

Innovative Curriculum in the Gifted Classroom

An innovative curriculum for GT students offers a high degree of flexibility; scaffolding which is layered with options for students to choose from that may or may not need extra support. It combines tiered options, curriculum compacting, menus, and a myriad of differentiation tools. It will include pre-assessments, student voice and choice, provide multiple…