PLL!!!!!!!!!!! Well since apparently Mona isn't A anymore... I don't believe!

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En una sola persona

Posted: August Cece Drake was in 10 episodes before she was unmasked as Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis, Alison’s sibling, …

?.... Será???!!...

did Spencer kill? Guess we'll have to watch it again to figure it out.

Casa de bonecas!

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Poor Em, but she will find love soon, she deserves it too. As long as it's not with Allison. She annoys the shit out of me. I wish they could bring Maya back somehow.

Haleb, Spoby, Ezria - Pretty Little Liars

Haleb and Spoby. Although Haleb is my favorite ship. Also because Hanna's my favorite character and Caleb is just so sweet, cute, nice, funny, smart and everything more.