Inflatable lawn tent. Imagine laying in this when it's raining    ...I didn't know where to pin this.

Funny pictures about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Oh, and cool pics about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Also, Inflatable Lawn Tent photos.

1st year canvas. One large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas. A way to use and display so many of the pictures just hidden away on my hard drive! Do this for all three kids! Hang in the hallway.

baby's first year canvas. one large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas.

Tooth fairy money…must remember this!!

Tooth fairy money…

Sparkling Tooth Fairy money with glitter hairspray. It's the little things :) Coco is nonstop tooth fairy talk. Couple glitter money with a teeny tiny letter from the tooth fairy and she will be through the moon. She has a ways to go though.

BEST website for Themed Parties ever!!!! It seriously has every theme!

Candy Land Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party Ideas

Glitter inside a lampshade!

Lampenschirm 45 cm "black & gold sequins"

Great for the inside of a table lampshade that has the side spots to place it in. Needed for a silver lamp. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect.

Break a glow stick and put in clear nail polish

Make your own glow in the dark nailpolish! Break a glow stick and put in clear nail polish. Don't you guys know that the fluid in those glow sticks is a toxic carcinogen? Stop putting it in contact with your bodies!

Dipped Feathers - bunch together in vase for a centerpiece on coffee table

DIY Gold and Glitter Dipped Feathers-for the Christmas tree! I saw a tree at Anthropologie a few weeks ago with gold glitter dipped feathers on it and it was really pretty!

make your own galaxy shirt!

DIY galaxy shirt- splash/spray with bleach, tie-dye red, bleach again, paint/sponge on red/blue dye/paint and finish with white fabric paint stars flicked on. would also be a nice technique for a table cloth or throw pillows.

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