Closeup Of Muskox Cow Wcalf - Alaska

Close up of Musk ox Mama and baby by Doug Lindstrand - I love Musk Ox. They are amazing animals.

Gosh, @Gennie Astin if you would just buy me a horse and stop spending your money on trips... LOL

Baby animal pictures may boost focus at work

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You’re the one that I stay up all night thinking about, coming up with cute things that I wish could happen.

Happy little baby hedgehog - how can you not smile when you see this? when i finally get one, i will never leave the house!

Hidden Hedgehog

Funny pictures about Happy hedgehog is happy. Oh, and cool pics about Happy hedgehog is happy. Also, Happy hedgehog is happy.

Miniature Jersey Cows - look at it! It's so cute! That's it, I'm going to live on a farm.

❂ Ƒollow ൬e Ƒor ൬౦re↠ aliesemeyer ❂ All About Miniature Jersey Cows

<3 baby <3

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14 Heartwarming Photos of Animals Showing True Love Knows No Bounds

ORCAS The Finnish ppl call 'em WHALE KILLERS ('cause they kill Whales - they eat 'em alive!) "Killer Whale" is a mistranslation - the sentence structure is diff. Although related to Whales they're more similar to Dolphins!

this is absolutely true. When two people have real love for eachother, there is no disrespect, there is no mistrust, there are no lies. Real love is effortless and wonderful and I am blessed to have a REAL man who REALLY loves me

❤ We all know --- this is true! ❤ Posted from I love English Bulldogs

"I'm going to keep looking at you until I get what I want . it always works!" This works for Hoover.


Oh how ready i am, Friday Game Nite at Dodger stadium! Greatest Weekend Ever! Happy 3 day weekend to me and Olivia and.

Bottom view

A walk with Daddy. Elephants live in family groups comprised of females and babies. Once a male elephant gets old enough it leaves. this is a mom & her baby.

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