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Ben Balmforth - INTEGRATIONS SPECIALIST - Fresh out of a Natural Sciences degree, Ben came to Whistler from the UK in search of perfect powder. Driven by a scientific background he brings his inquisitive nature to Guestfolio where he plans to develop his programming and web development skills. Ben thoroughly enjoys rowing, photography and ale. He is otherwise unremarkable.

Jeffrey Wilcox - PRODUCT MANAGER - An avid skier and consumer of baked goods, Jeff brings almost 10 years experience as a Project and Product Manager. Jeff helps Guestfolio deliver products hotels love.

David Ellis - INTEGRATIONS SPECIALIST - David has a background in Robotics and Information Engineering and has an eye for how computers see the world around around them, along with how they can help humans with understanding data. He enjoys travelling under his own steam, whether that be skiing when there is snow on the mountains, climbing when there isn’t, and cycling when tarmac is the only option available.

Jack Steele - ACCOUNT PRODUCER - Jack grew up and carried out his studies in the UK. During this time he worked for a number of digital marketing agencies as an account manager and also set up his own sound equipment hire company that he successfully spread through social media marketing. He now lives full time in Whistler and loves spending time in the amazing scenery that BC has to offer, particularly through carrying out his passion of skiing.

Andrew Smith - CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, SUPPORT - Andrew has a background in Design and Developing and a keen interest in Art and Robotics. When not rescuing our clients from their support issues, Andrew is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, skiing and biking.

Huw Jones - SURVEY AND ANALYTICS SPECIALIST - Originally from Australia, Huw’s passion for travel and the outdoors has taken him to Asia, Europe, and North America. Most recently, after completing his Doctor of Business, Huw left the surf in Australia for the mountains, snow, and bike trails in Whistler. When not skiing, ski coaching, biking, hiking or camping, Huw can be found utilizing his research background.

Gavin Dunne - SENIOR DEVELOPER - Gavin brings over 20 years of experience as a developer to Guestfolio, having started writing code when he was just a kid growing up in Newfoundland. Since then, he spent time living in Toronto and Los Angeles before settling in BC, where he divides his time between Vancouver and Whistler. When not spending time shopping for sunglasses, Gavin enjoys being a mediocre skier and biker.

Pip Johnson - ACCOUNT PRODUCER - Pip hails from England and has a background in Journalism and Account Management. When not exploring the forests and lakes of BC, Pip is most likely to be found looking at pictures of pugs on the internet and feeding her lunch to the Guestfolio office dogs.

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