Hahahaha actually laughed

Must visit the dentist…

need to say anything. I need a dentist, I think one of my canines is getting louse. shark dog need to say anything I a dentist think one of my canines is getting louse


angry taco cat gee I wonder why? and to make things worse. outside in public! (BTW, taco cat spelled backwards is.

Bahaha they even look like my dogs

And I will always love you; I will cut you. Funny puppy picture-- idk why I thought this was so funny but I can't stop laughing!

I laughed waaaay too hard.

Oh Moon Moon. We will never forget you! << I am Alpha Beast. I sound like the complete opposite of Moon Moon. But I shall always love Moon Moon ❤️


Don't give up on school studying is your life in college. This is a reminder telling you if you don't succeed and do what you have to do in college you'll have to result in different things