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Excitations for my quotation anthologist soul. Quotation collecting, quoting, misquoting, quotation marks, books, writing, reading, grammar, language, humor, authors, prose and poetry, the beauty and quirks of words. Compiled by a quotatious word nerd, lover of literature, and ardent supporter of the serial comma. Unapologetic em dash and exclamation point renegade. Creative punctuation and invented words as literary art, weaving proper grammar and poetic license.

Quotations Related

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“Hang in There!” –Arthur Schopenhauer | Quotation websites and the outsourcing of erudition. By Mark O'Connell

How Totally Fake Quotes Spread Across the Internet: A Case Study

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators: The psychological origins of waiting (... and waiting, and waiting) to work, by Megan McArdle

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators

Anatomy of a Fake Quotation: The Woman Whose Words Accidentally Became Martin Luther King Jr's, by Megan McArdle

Anatomy of a Fake Quotation

Notable Quotables: Is there anything that is not a quotation? By Louis Menand

Notable Quotables - The New Yorker

William Cullen Bryant, Wyatt Eaton, 1878, Brooklyn Museum, American Art Collection

William Cullen Bryant

Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr: Horticulture's Grand Old Man. "[H]is interests were so great that he stood as a dozen men helpful.... [H]e was the simple, direct humble lover of plants, of man, and of life— ever the servant of all." ~H.B. Tukey

Jerome K. Jerome by William and Daniel Downey. From the National Media Museum. This photograph appears in 'The Cabinet Portrait Gallery' series of celebrity portraits and biographies published in the 1890s. The series includes royalty, actors, academics and authors.

File:Jerome K. Jerome (7893553318).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Caricature de Israel Zangwill. Vanity Fair, février 1897.

Israel Zangwill (1864-1926)

Marcel Proust

Who's afraid of Marcel Proust? - Telegraph

quotation mark earrings

Earrings - Quotation / Speech Marks

People who do not use punctuation deserve a long sentence.

just my type

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Rosy Rosy Red

Wendell Berry painting by Greg Newbold

a young Vladimir Nabokov, illustrated by himself

W.H. Auden — great, beloved poet who always looks like an unmade bed

Heinrich Heine Aquarell von Michael Mathias Prechtl (1984)

Mary Oliver

Don Usner - Lannan Foundation

Portrait of Herman Melville from frontispiece to Journal Up the Straits, ca. 1860