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What do you think about a greyish toned forest green like this for the media room? Model Dinesen i HeartOak (egetræ) - Garde Hvalsøe ● Tanker og Træ

In the woods Via Scandinavian Architecture

Completed in 2011 in Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Images by Gustavo Sosa Pinilla. This work is the result of a process that began in 2004 with the construction of a summer house in the forest of Mar Azul.

Westcliff Pavillion // Architecture Studio

Pavilhão dos sonhos: estrutura metálica preta e muro de pedras - {Dream pavilion: black metalic structure and stone wall} There are 10 things you should do and 10 you should not do when building with shipping containers.

Studio House par le studio GRADE

Private residence designed by Grade for a mosaic artist located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Description by Grade In designing the problem, GRA.