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Evil Geocache Containers

Oh those evil things that make the OCD cacher crazy! Keep on the lookout for these containers as they may cause loss of sleep otherwise!

Thick aluminum outlet geocaching container. (magnetic)

Beneath the Tide - What’s neat about this pill bottle cache is that it’s weighted to a brick so that it moves very little and can only be found when the tide goes out.

Exploring the Vents

Sleeping with the Fishes - Dive caches

Evil little nano cache inside the mushroom.

This was rated a difficulty 5 and it really earned it! It's like a walnut, that was hollowed out for the micro to be inserted. Then they "camped" it (tied it to something with fishing line) under a carpet of shrubs and brush. It blended WELL! It was a miracle we found it on our second try!

This was pretty good...a desert cache (Palmdale, CA), they had wrapped up the cache tube with layers of twine and stuck it in the Joshua tree.

Awesome geocache container. Only one is a nano. The rest are wooden dowels so the actual container can be detected using a magnet.

Phobia of Big Bugs geocache

Cockroach Startle Cache Container

Funny geocache container! Hard to call it "evil" but it IS a tombstone! LOL

Typical Geocache find in the woods :)

Cockroach Micro Geocaching Container - Ewwwwwww!

Find the marble in the rocks. Because finding real caches in rocks was easy?!

(Spoiler! GC451QX) This is a very old street lamp in the desert. The white cache dangling in this pic was in place of the light bulb. A pipe within a pipe running along the pole is used to move the cache up and down on a string. Kudos for the engineering on this one!

This one stumped me five times before I was 'clued' in

Fake Fruit Geocache Containers

take waterproof matchbook container, paint, n use fake branches-placed in spruce tree. Not mine, but thought it was a great camo idea