Isabel Gonçalves

Isabel Gonçalves

Esta imagem esconde dois mundos, duas almas, tão diferentes, porém tão próximas...
Isabel Gonçalves
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Beautiful contrast. Wonder if this would suit my pup that likes to hide during storms?

RePurposed Dog Bed or cat bed - SO CUTE! Old cabinet TV repurposed to an end table with dog bed.

Repurposed dresser into a dog crate/bed

You should know how integral the steps are in choosing a dog obedience trainer. Your dog is like a child who will be going to school and spend the day with his

Server turned into a nightstand / dog crate. Close the door during non-used times. Open the door while dog is inside. Dog enters and exits through non-grated door-frame.

Server turned into a nightstand / dog crate. Instead of wire to close it might make wood slats. Would also need a secure way to lock the door when Toby is inside!

hidden dog crate furniture

Many people want to provide their doggy with a nice house - but dont want it to be too visibile. These cool dog houses that are built into cabinets are the perfect solution!

DIY fun dog bed furniture. Recycled from old TV cabinet.

OLD TV entertainment center made into a dog bed. i was tryin to decide what to do with my old tv console that i bought to use as a faux fireplace til i got a fireplace. though the dog and cats will probably argue over whos bed it is.

Recycle Your Old TV and Make It A Dog Bed #dogbed #oldTV #recycle

Make your dog a star! Got a really old TV cabinet hanging around? Once upon a time there was a very old TV. Normally, it would be in the trash or in a museum. However, Colleen Schmid transforms such vintage TVs in dog beds, that look like dollhouses!