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Sarasvati/Saraswati the goddess of Knowledge. She is the consort to the god Brahma. She is the Mother of the Vedas. In this picture she is holding a musical instrument. As well as sitting on top of a swan, who is sitting on top of a lotus flower.

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: Sarasvati/Saraswati, the Hindu of Knowledge, is the consort of the Brahma and Mother of the Vedas. In this picture, she is holding a musical instrument and sitting atop a swan on a lotus flower.

Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is just flat out AWESOME. It really shows (when done right) even the most simple of designs can be great and even terrifying. I have so much love for Gravity Falls and I’m happy to add this to the list of posters.Next up is Frieza

Weirdmageddon | Tumblr This is like some freaky Pokemon evolution!

Gravity Falls ended ಥ_ಥ I’m so sad, but the ending was great and Alex Hirsch is a genius. I LOOOOOOOOOVE some of Bill’s designs and how messed up and terrifying he can get so I just finished an art.