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If you're suffering from tinnitus, I'm pretty sure doctors and ENT specialists have told you something like: "I'm afraid you're just going to have to live with it" or "It's just age-related hearing loss." What is tinnitus? Tinnitus, the constant ringing, thundering, whooshing or whistling in the ears, is aggravating and nerve-racking. It robs you of sleep. It shatters your focus and...

Ringing in Ears Treatment - How to Cope with Ringing in Ears? Stop Ringing in Ears and Find a Permanent Cure for Tinnitus Today!

[Ottoman Empire] An Ottoman Princesses and Princes (Osmanlı Şehzadeleri ve Sultan)

An Ottoman Princesses and Princes (Osmanlı Şehzadeleri ve Sultan)Orhan GENEL

Osmanlı Yıldız Saray y. 1889 Harem soytarıları | Harem Dancers Stephan Sedlacek - German ,1868-1936 Oil on canvas , 78.74 x 58.42 cm

Harem interior with dancing women. Stephan Sedlacek Oil on canvas. Sedlacek was a history and genre painter, depicting aristocratic people in courtly environments as well as oriental.