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Reflexology chart of the face (for acupressure  acupuncture)

DIY: Acupressure Points for Beautiful Skin DIY Beauty Tutorials. Also a guide as to whats causing what on your face, ex: pimples, dry skin etc. Your body talks to you!

spinal cord

This week’s Wee Answer Wednesday will be squarely focused on incontinence after a spinal cord injury. In the immediate aftermath of a spinal cord injury, t

Trigger Points

Trigger Points II, yep we like trigger points so well at F. we have both posters to help educate our clients! Can't read it too well, but all too familiar with them.

Feel the stretch.  Stretches for Massage Therapists

Using a towel or strap during shoulder stretches helps you feel a deeper stretch. Pulling downward with the right hand stretches the left shoulder region while pulling upward with your left hand will stretch the right shoulder region.

Stretching:  Stretching The Tricep Muscle 90

Stretching: Stretching The Tricep Muscle This really helps me to figure out just what muscle they're talking about on these fitness websites.

Foods for the Lung

One TCM perspective on foods that support Lung health. In traditional Chinese medicine, the "lung" is the system of the body focused in general on taking in and eschanging energy, distributing it and containing it.