copy and paste an essay into google translate to listen for mistakes. Genius. This applies to creative writing, too.

1000 Life Hacks

The Top 10 Podcasts for Middle School and High School students...and teachers too! Great podcasts to make learning fun! #podcasts #education

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Warm Hands Project Pagination

Warm Hands

One of the most terrifying things to do as a new teacher...

Teachers: Making Difficult Phone Calls to Parents (How to Call Parents, with a Script!)

"Life Coaching Tools" #coaching #lifeCoach #NLP #MotivationalCoaching #CoachingProfessionals

CoachingPortal - ComingSoon

Reflection is an essential part of growing as a teacher. Here are 27 ways to reflect on your teaching.

An Ethical Island

classroom-design-management idea I would like to something similar with our own homeschool code of conduct

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Seven Things to Remember About Feedback

The Psychology of Performance - focusing on intrinsic rewards

The Psychology of Performance

Here's Vicki Halsey's "ENGAGe Model" for designing effective learning.

Vicki Halsey - ENGAGe Model | Vicki Halsey

32-characteristics-of-high-performing-classrooms- a great list of things to strive for

32 Characteristics Of High-Performing Classrooms

Empower your students to give back! Our leader's kit includes lesson plans, a teacher’s guide and all the classroom materials you need to empower your students to give back.

Read to Feed: A Unique Reading Incentive Program for Kids | Heifer International | Charity Ending Hunger And Poverty

10 Simple Ways to Show Students You all about them.

What I Know For Sure About Learning

Want your kids and students to smile when they read? Add music to stories! Kids read with hip-hop, rock, jazz and blues musicians repeatedly to boost fluency, and answer 4 levels of interactive comprehension. It's fun, easy to use, effective, and takes only 15 minutes per lesson. L2L is currently offering free full access trials and free summer use!

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intrinsic motivation

An Ethical Island

FREE. The Seat Change Challenge takes the crazy out of changing seats in your classroom. No longer will your classroom be a noisy, messy disaster zone nor will you spend your lunch or after school time moving desks yourself!This tool gives students specific tasks to complete in order so that changing seats is a quiet, organized process that is manageable for them and for you! Download at:

Seat Change Challenge

Revise vs Edit

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* Show the commercials to your students using the links provided * Students will answer a series of questions for each commercial * I have shown/tested these commercials with many classes * They are exciting, funny and definitely grab students’ attention. A best seller that is now available for free to teachers!

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Bloom's Taxonomy Posters are a great way to display the way student's learn. The visuals are great to display as a reference for the students to visually see the shape of a battery in which they are used to seeing with their cellphones to know how charged their brains are.

Bloom's Taxonomy Posters - Are You Charged?

I like the point system and SWAG for middle school

The Learning Chambers: Favorite Pins Friday

This Behavior Management Plan, specifically tailored to Middle School and High School, includes dozens of behavior interventions, classified into four tiers to help you scaffold interventions as behaviors escalate or de-escalate. Decrease off-task behaviors and increase learning with these best practices! Works beautifully as a school-wide plan to facilitate consistency and common language amongst all staff and faculty! Now available with a site-wide license!

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Find activities and mini-lessons for every subject with Classroom Ideas to Go!

Classroom Ideas to Go!

A favorite desk arrangement, no one's back is to the board, there are easy paths for movement, and kids who need reduced distractions can sit in the front.

Back to School Tips - The Classroom Key

Bazinga! An Interactive Review Game For Any Subject (Search bazinga for all options) FACULTY MEETINGS?

Presto Plans

Writers notebook entries - I am a ...