Game gear case

At the end of a long week I like to reflect back on my childhood. Is that weird? (37 Photos)

Sega Game Gear WITH the pictured tv antenna attachment. Shit was in color!

Atari home computers

Atari Home Computers. I knew they made games, but not home computers. You mean I could've had a home computer way back then and didn't? That thing probably cost more than all the houses on my block!

Dancing Coke

Coca Cola Dancing Can - The Coke can that would dance to music when played. Still have mine although it doesn't dance anymore.


Doom--- after school I would walk in, find my dad playing this, popped some popcorn, and made chocolate cokes for us. I loved watching him play!


This was my first NERF weapon! Yet, it was only the gateway weapon. I ended up getting almost all of the NERF weapons!

Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair, a great demonstration of innovation in both the film and video game world. The game presents the genius of the Interactive cinematic.


We all thought this was the best thing ever. It was all there ever was to do on the computer!

booster for Game Boy

I totally had one of these, with the clear gameboy

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