Lectin Avoidance Diet

Lectins are a protein present in many plant-based foods we eat. They can interfere with your digestion, energy, and overall health. Lectin Shield is a new formula that combines nine all-natural ingredients to assist your body in the fight against lectins.
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What Are Nightshade Vegetables?

What Are Nightshade Vegetables?

List of Nightshades Foods and Why You Might Want To Avoid Them

Should you avoid nightshades? Or do you just want to know what nightshades are? Check out this list of nightshades foods and find out why you might want to avoid them.

Gundry: Turning off Autoimmunity with a Lectin Avoidance Diet Thyrotropin levels and risk of fatal coronary heart disease: the HUNT study. - Get the Entire Hypothyroidism Revolution System Today

I LOVE chili – especially in the fall – but normally it’s packed with lectins, thanks to the tomatoes and beans. Here& my alternative healthy chili recipe.

Lectins are a large class of carbohydrate-binding proteins found in all forms of life, including the human body. Not all lectins are bad, but some are.

Why No Grains and Legumes? Part 1: Lectins

Recently my boyfriend has been straying from his normal Paleo ways because he feels that grain-laden cookies are more important than his overall health and long

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