Funny Gun Posters!

Just some funny pictures to brighten your day, not sure which gun forum they're originally from.

Funny Gun Posters!

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Mailbox Idea


Get Off my Lawn!

Bad Ass



Nothing like a .45


.50 Cal Bend Over...

You're Doing it Wrong!




As I walk through the valley...

Who needs more ammo?

I need this lamp!

Remember how cool the 80's were?

1911 Posters

Underwater gun shot MORE OF WTF FUN FACTS are coming HERE people, education and fun facts

This is a reasonable reaction.

The Gun Mug

gun egg fryers

Marines (of the 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, 2d Marine Division) load up magazines and clean their weapons on board their attack transport Zeilin while en route to Tarawa.

The Fox Hunter

.50 CAL