Spiral staircases represent negative space in an everyday form. We need negative space as much as we need light to shine through those spaces!

Black and White Horse Photography, Fine Art Horse Photograph, leopard appaloosa, photo by Stephanie Moon


male leopard by shaun walton . A large male leopard known by the guides of the area as the bicycle crossing male strides confidently down a road in a game reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Smoke by Andrew Kim

Smoke (experiments on methods II)

Smoke (experiments on methods II) — Minimally Minimal. Original idea to incorporate paper into sculpture.


i think this is an amazing drawing Wow, so pretty, is this a photograph or someone with amazing make-up? Or a drawing?


Only, photography by Luc Dratwa. Série Windows - Slow the Rock (size: 100 x 150 cm). Nikon In Construction, Cityscape, skyline. Only, photography by Luc Dratwa.


Photographer Martin Senyszak of Edinburgh, Scotland analyzes the visual structure of the common cassette tape. His simple black and white images break down the tape into its component parts and.