That dirtbag should be poisoned instead! try not to cry.I'm always emotional to these things.<< who the hell poisons a dog? That scumbag should be poisoned

This would be cool to see!

Solar eclipse from the Moon Earth is surrounded with a red-tinted haze as sunlight streams through the planets dusty atmosphere. composite illustration: Hana Gartstein cosmos-the-universe

frozen web

Snowy Spider Web - Not a fan of spiders, but thought this was pretty. Never gave much thought to a frozen spider web.

So, studies have proven that rats laugh when you tickle them. And now they cuddle tiny teddy bear.

Usually rodents aren't my thing, but this is a Mouse with a tiny teddy bear! The mouse even sleeps curled up with a tiny teddy bear at night!

Dobri Dobrev's story: | 33 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again

Some people think heroes are myths and fables. This man and others like him prove these people wrong. In one sentence, heroes are people who stand up to the challenge.

❖ Bullrush Sunset

Bullrush Sunset (Craigavon lakes in Co Armagh Ireland) by doublevision

Baby gorilla after feeling the coldness of the stethoscope! this is beyond cute.

A newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo gets a checkup at the hospital and shows surprise at the coldness of the stethoscope.

Not a fan of zoos, but this picture made me smile: Newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo gets a checkup at the hospital and reacts to the coldness of the stethoscope. Too adorable